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Advanced Charitable Giving Planning

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As a designated specialist, you can provide high value services structuring strategic plans for giving during lifetime and as part of an estate plan, by collaborating with taxpayers, the charity and financial planners. Your study plan is completely flexible. . .take up to three study terms, 3 months each, to finish.

Earn Specialized Credentials with the MFA-P™

This program is for professionals who are looking for specialized credentials to develop plans with individuals and families interested in strategic philanthropy. This is an investment trend that is increasingly important to generations of all ages.

After discovering a family’s philanthropic goals, the MFA-P will confidently work with all the stakeholders to a successful outcome to the strategic philanthropic plan. This provides a prime opportunity to build trust amongst all the collaborators by better understanding the clients’ values and critical personal causes.

Objectives of the MFA-P™ Philanthropy Designation - Learn How to:

  • Introduce conversations about strategic philanthropy with a consistent and thorough discovery process in your work with taxpayers who want to make a bigger difference with their donations.
  • Focus on gift planning strategies and vehicles that are both right and relevant to a donor’s goals, bringing with a strong working knowledge of tax outcomes during lifetime and through bequests
  • Bring confident and practical experience to your conversations with a multitude of donor goals by experiencing numerous true-to-life case studies to help you anticipate and apply your knowledge.

The Components of the MFA-P Program The program includes 3 online courses, describe in detail behind the links below.

Introduction to Strategic Philanthropy

Understanding the Charitable Sector

Integrating Gift Planning

MFA-P™ Continuing Education

Need to meet your CE/CPD relicencing requirements?

The MFA-P™ Philanthropy Designation Program qualifies for the following continuing education:

MFA-P (Philanthropy) Designation Program Knowledge Bureau 90 CE
IAFE 14 CE & 1 Ethics
IIROC (cycle 9) 20 PD & 3 Compliance

View the CE Calendar At A Glance for eligible course options from Knowledge Bureau and CAGP.

Please read the Standards of Conduct.

After Graduation: Attestation to High Standards of Conduct

The MFA-P Program is about professionalism. All entrants to the program attest to high professional Standards of Conduct that include:

  • Knowledge Mastery: Successful completion of the required courses within this specialized field of service.
  • Professional Development: Good standing under the requirements of all professional industry designations and licenses held, including under this Knowledge Bureau program: At least 15 hours of continuing education is required in every 12-month period ending June 30; including Attestation to the Standards of Conduct. Formal recertification for re-licensing of the designation marks is required every two years. Graduates can view their progress on their official transcript displayed in the Graduate Lounge in their Knowledge Bureau virtual campus and in quarterly email notices.
  • Ethical Conduct: No citations for unethical conduct of any kind, or unresolved client complaints received by this education institution. Various accreditors, including Knowledge Bureau, will require a public notice for unethical practices. Knowledge Bureau provides guidance on compliance requirements, regulation and best interest duties in a variety of ways including articles in Knowledge Bureau Report, and courses available through its continuing professional development activities.
  • Re-Certification: There is a requirement to re-certify every two years by meeting your CE requirements of 30 CE credits as well as a re-certification fee of $395 by the end of June on your re-certification year.

Partners in Excellence

Knowledge Bureau is proud to collaborate with The Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP) and Spire Philanthropy to build a professional designation for advisors and their clients who wish to give to their favorite causes more strategically, during their lifetime and beyond.


The CAGP is a unique association that unites Canada’s charitable representatives with donors and their advisors. Among their fundraising, legal, and financial peers, the group’s members are experts in strategic philanthropic gift planning.


Spire Philanthropy specializes in corporate-charitable partnerships. The firm prides itself on building creative, sustainable and financially viable relationships based on mutual understanding, value sharing and shared strategic benefits.

Messages from the Presidents

“We are delighted to announce the publication of the new MFA-P designation program. All of our partners and faculty members have worked hard to develop a program to help you confidently and effectively deliver on your clients’ social impact goals, by working more collaboratively with all the stakeholders to successful giving – the donor, the financial advisors and the charity. The MFA-P marks signify an embellishment of your professional knowledge, skills and standards in providing strategic planning services to philanthropic clients.”

- Evelyn Jacks, President of Knowledge Bureau

“We are excited to see our dream of a designation program at CAGP come true with the birth of the MFA-P™ Philanthropy Designation Program and look
forward to welcoming advisors from all sides of financial services.”

- Ruth MacKenzie, President and CEO of CAGP

“I am looking forward to working with firms and advisors to engage in this important industry designation that will add further trust and credibility to the work of advisors, and impact on charities in

- Brad Offman, CEO of Spire

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