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Business leadership is challenging for most skilled entrepreneurs as their companies move through growth development phases. Leading people and organizations is not pure science and requires continuous development and change. Adopting and applying some of these core concepts can help ensure that you lead your organization effectively through its growth phases.

Effective leadership requires an investment in yourself as well as your people — to have all stakeholders focused on the vision and goals of the organization within the business model that you have created. The ability to build a business that is not only successful in the short term, but one that is sustainable and continues to build equity for the future is what separates successful business leaders from the rest.

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Course Content

Chapter 1 | Scaling Up
Chapter 2 | Your Leadership Career
Chapter 3 | Your Vision and Goals
Chapter 4 | Building a Sustainable Business Model
Chapter 5 | Branding
Chapter 6 | Building Team Culture
Chapter 7| Critical Accountabilities
Chapter 8 | Making the Right Investments
Chapter 9 | Making Technology Work for You
Chapter 10 | Your Succession Plan


Leadership is critical to the success and sustainability of an organization, but many business owners take it for granted and often ignore the skills necessary to become an effective leader of a growing organization. Moving from a core team of one to four people to the next level of five to fifteen can be challenging when it comes to knowing what it takes to build a culture, a team, and how to invest in the people who work with you to create an effective organization.

This course will help you understand what is required to build your leadership and organizational skills and to be prepared for continuous change as your business evolves towards expansion and maturity. It will also help you understand that successful leadership does not stop with you; building and coaching a team, as well as a new generation of owners, is critical to growing the equity in your company over time.

What You'll Learn

You will learn to understand how to develop and grow your leadership skills, build the culture that is required to achieve your vision and business goals, and ensure the continuity of your organization by establishing a capable team. It will also help you make sense of what is required to build in the process of continuous improvement into your organizational structure and working relationships, and that it will position you for on-going growth, stability and equity development.

You'll discover how leadership is a developmental process, what a leaders' role in developing an organization and building an active culture, how to translate an organization's vision and goals into a useful structure, and what core leadership qualities are required to take a business to the next level

Aspects of corporate culture that are covered include building a brand that reflects an organization's culture and how to represent it in the marketplace, how to integrate vision and culture statements into team building and coaching, and when to invest in training, human resource development and technology to stay ahead of demand. From a continuity standpoint, you'll discover how to construct a sustainable business model at the next level, and onward to maturity, and how to build equity with a sustainable organization that can live on without you.

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