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Marketing Mastery for Business Builders


MFA™-Executive Business Growth Specialist Program


Go from a start-up to flourishing enterprise by establishing ten key principles of marketing, a process for developing a communications and marketing plan, and tips on branding to establish your unique value proposition.

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The marketplace has changed on a fundamental level. The old ways of doing things no longer work. Competition is fierce. Most financial products have become commodities. Regulations are stricter. New technology and business models are disrupting the established financial service providers.

This marketing course will teach you how to successfully navigate these new conditions so you end up being a winners in today’s marketplace.

What You'll Learn

Acquire expertise in advanced marketing principles and strategies to grow your business. You will learn how to identify the right target audience for your business and develop a value proposition that is attractive to your clients and differentiates your company from the competition. You'll discover ways to find and attract more high-quality prospects and how to package your offerings to maximize sales and profit-per-sale. Learn how to project the image of an expert, not just a salesperson, and build a retention barrier around your clients so they never leave. You'll establish the groundwork for a business that responds quickly to changes in the marketplace which will lead to you making more money while having more fun.

What’s Included

• Personal course selection consultation
• Virtual campus orientation
• Lesson and study plans
• Personal instructor email support
• Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
• EverGreen Online Research Library
• Knowledge Bureau calculators
• Testing and certification
• CE/CPD accreditation

Course Content

Chapter 1 | The 10 Principles of Entrepreneur Marketing
Chapter 2 | Positioning Your Company for the Marketplace of the Future
Chapter 3 | The Five-Step Marketing Plan
Chapter 4 | The Psychology of Marketing
Chapter 5 | Packaging Your BIG Idea
Chapter 6 | An Introduction to Branding
Chapter 7 | Plotting Your Marketing Process
Chapter 8 | Advanced Marketing Concepts (Part 1)
Chapter 9 | Advanced Marketing Concepts (Part 2)
Chapter 10 | Putting it All Together

Marking Guide

Passing Grade
Honours Achievement

All students who pass the course will receive a certificate. Students who receive a mark of 90% or better will receive a gold honours bar on their certificates.

CE | CPD Credits

Knowledge Bureau | 30 CPE credits

Most regulators and associations accept Knowledge Bureau certificate courses for continuing education credits.

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