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Income Tax Filing Fundamentals


DFA-Tax Services Specialist™


This course is designed for prospective tax preparers who have no experience with preparing tax returns for others. The course starts with an introduction to income tax in Canada—who is taxed and what is subject to income tax. By the end of the first chapter, students will be able to prepare a simple tax return for a no-income credit filer. Subsequent chapters will teach you how to prepare returns for singles, families, students, retirees, and investors. Along the way, you’ll learn about the most common deductions and credits available to Canadian taxpayers.

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This introductory course provides you with a solid foundation and understanding of personal taxation in Canada for low and middle-income taxpayers, including single employees, students, young families, retirees and investors. The successful graduate will gain the skills necessary to professionally prepare basic tax returns with a high degree of confidence.

What You'll Learn

You will be exposed to a broad range of personal income tax topics in common scenarios, each featuring short answer and true-to-life case studies which include the details behind reporting income and claiming deductions and tax credits using tax software.

You’ll be able to prepare basic personal tax returns.

What’s Included

• Personal course selection consultation
• Virtual campus orientation
• Lesson and study plans
• Personal instructor email support
• Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
• EverGreen Online Research Library
• Knowledge Bureau calculators
• Testing and certification
• CE/CPD accreditation

Student Experience

It was a good experience. I really enjoyed it. I definitely have more knowledge. It is practical that we can use directly with real cases. Good examples. I am bilingual and it was very understandable. I was feeling active all the time when I was studying and it made me practice with normal cases. Some were challenging, like the input of principal residence, how much you can decide to contribute to RRSP, and how much RRSP to use in the current year.

—Amparo Paterson, British Columbia

Course Content

Chapter 1 | Introduction to Canadian Tax, Basics
Chapter 2 | Tax Preparation for Single Employees
Chapter 3 | Tax Preparation for Employees with Variations
Chapter 4 | Tax Preparation for Families
Chapter 5 | Tax Preparation for Families
Chapter 6 | Tax Preparation for Students
Chapter 7 | Tax Preparation for Retirees
Chapter 8 | Tax Preparation for Investors
Chapter 9 | Tax Preparation for Investors
Chapter 10 | Basic Tax Planning

Marking Guide

Case Studies
Final Exam
Passing Grade
Honours Achievement

All students who pass the course will receive a certificate. Students who receive a mark of 90% or better will receive a gold honours bar on their certificates.