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This Week’s Edition of KBR:

February Poll

It’s RRSP Season. In your opinion, do Canadians feel they have to revise their retirement savings plans as a result of the pandemic?
Yes: 142 votes
No: 97 votes

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Mark Your Calendar: Important Tax Milestones Coming Up

The next three months of 2021 are chocked full of important tax filing milestones.  Be sure you help your clients mark their tax calendars and schedule a virtual or phone meeting with you.  Here’s a handy tax milestones calendar from Knowledge Bureau.

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Poll Results: CRA Should Cut People Some Slack

Given the financial stress people are under during the second wave, should governments suspend audit activities and waive penalties and interest in 2021”? That was last month’s poll question and an overwhelming 75% said yes. However, of those who said no, there were some strong words of disapproval:

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Welcome to Pre-Registration for DAC Acuity 2021

In our 18th year, we are excited to officially welcome you to pre-registration opportunities to Knowledge Bureau’s annual strategic educational conference for professionals in the tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services.   

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Groundhog Day Tuition Savings!

Canadian groundhogs may have mixed opinions on whether or not it’s going to be a long winter. But on a year that has often felt like we’re experience the Groundhog Day phenomenon, we decided to bring you our best sale of the year so far to ensure there’s something to celebrate – and you can still take advantage of this today! Take any two certificate courses for only $595 each (save 34%) – but act fast, as this promotion ends today! Use this proficiency guide for individuals and business training needs to select your next courses!

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Temporary Relief for Claiming Child Care

There is exciting news for parents who have been prohibited from claiming child care expenses due to the existing definition of “earned income”.  A new Form T778 issued on January 20, 2021 clarifies that CERB and EI recipients can indeed claim child care expenses.  There is more good news for disabled employees, too. Here are the details:

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