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In your opinion, is the new $931 enhancement to the federal Basic Personal Amount for those with incomes under $150,473 an improvement to our tax system?
Yes: 66 votes
No: 121 votes

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Doing Good for Disabled Clients: Help Them Claim All Their Disability Tax Credits

The disability tax credit is often overlooked by taxpayers and can result in big tax savings or refunds, especially if the taxpayer fails to claim it for several years. Prior filed returns can be adjusted but only back 10 years. Therefore, the deadline for claiming this credit, as well as most other deductions and credits for 2009 is December 31, 2019.

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Explore, Engage & Thrive: Canada’s Most Comprehensive T1 Tax Update

If you are a professional tax and financial advisor, it is your job to know all the personal tax nuances your clients will face as they discover a multiplicity of new tax form challenges in the tax filing season 2020. This year, register no later than January 10 for the CE Summits, which are expected to sell out in 6 cities:  Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. But there is another important reason to come: multi-advisory business referral opportunities.

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Budgeting and Debt Management Tips for Canadians

Are you tightening your belt on holiday spending. . .or will there be a lot more than a lump of coal in your Christmas stockings this year? There are few things worse than having bills come due without money in the bank to cover them. But, for far too many Canadians, it is a reality more often than we would like to admit. That’s why Advisorsavvy has put together a list of budgeting and debt management tips for us to share with you.

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Caring is Sharing Financial Knowledge

Soon, a new decade begins and Canadians face a number of financial challenges, including the growth of debt-to-disposable income levels. Plus for seniors, there is the prospect of diminishing pensions as they face stock market volatility. Against this backdrop is the opportunity for tax and financial advisors to provide care by sharing more of their tax and financial knowledge in 2020.

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Are Canadians Still the World’s Most Affluent Middle-Class?

In 2014, the New York Times* reported that the Canadian middle-class was considered the most affluent middle-class in the world, snatching the distinction away from the United States. Now, in 2019, do we still hold that distinction?

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