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It’s RRSP Season. In your opinion, do Canadians feel they have to revise their retirement savings plans as a result of the pandemic?
Yes: 142 votes
No: 97 votes

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Tip Sheet: New Criteria for Employees Claiming Home Office Expenses

The CRA has introduced several new rules for filing employment expenses in 2020 which in reality, have complicated rather than simplified, employment deduction claims. Four employment filing profiles have emerged, as well as a new little-known calculation for home office space common area use. Details and a tip sheet follow.

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Newly Updated! Investment Tax Strategies Course

Tax is a trigger for affluent families, especially now, when higher taxes may loom in the future. Tax and financial advisors ultimately need to be able to expertly calculate capital gains and losses on the disposition of assets and properly report income transactions along the way. But, it is in the planning for tax efficiency that differentiates a “great” advisor from the rest. This newly updated course is here to provide help during these turbulent times.

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Valentine’s Day Special: Seasonal Tax Training Package

Our Valentine’s Day Special is a seasonal tax training package, at a price you’ll love. Take any 3 suggested courses for $1,995 - save 25%. This is a great opportunity for business owners looking to increase revenues this tax season, or for people looking to earn extra income. Visit the Virtual Registrar to enrol by the February 28 deadline, and check out our suggested training options for individuals and firms.

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RRSP Deadline: Most Won’t Contribute & That Will be Costly

According to a recent survey, more than 56% of Canadians do not plan to contribute to an RRSP this year and an additional 12% are unsure if they will.  That potentially means that more than two thirds of Canadians could be at risk of overpaying their taxes or worse, having important social benefits clawed back in this second year of the pandemic. Tax and financial advisors can help by preparing “what if scenarios” before the March 1 contribution deadline.

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CRA Enhances Phone Services for Tax Season

Tired of long hours on hold with CRA? There’s good news, CRA has extended call center hours and call back services.  While CRA is advising people to go to their website before calling, they’ve also contracted with a third party to help with general questions about pandemic supports. Will these changes help improve service standards for tax season?

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