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A thorough analysis of today’s financial news—delivered weekly to your inbox or via social media. As part of Knowledge Bureau’s interactive network, the Report covers current issues on the tax and financial services landscape and provides a wide range of professional benefits, including access to peer-to-peer blogs, opinion polls, online lessons, and vital industry information from Canada’s only multi-disciplinary financial educator.

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February Poll

The RRSP deadline for the 2023 tax year is February 29. From a wealth planning perspective, do you think middle aged Canadians should invest in a TFSA instead?
Yes: 78 votes
No: 45 votes

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UHT Filing – Still Clear As Mud

Exactly who needs to file a UHT-2900 by April 30, 2024?  Even tax pros are having trouble deciphering these complicated rules, and explaining them to their clients.  Fortunately, Knowledge Bureau’s Advanced T1 Tax Update Course, now available online for tax training, has the answers and a handy conversation guide for tax accounting and financial advisors to share with their clients.  Here’s a brief synopsis of filing requirements:

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It’s a Sweetheart of a Deal: Offers End February 15!

Share the love with your companion or team member and join us in the splendid aura of the arts in the charm of Montreal as you discover new ways to lead with impactful guidance at the Acuity Conference for Distinguished Advisors, November 10-12, 2024.  Early-bird deadline: February 15. Save up to 25% on tuition when you register as a Delegate, Companion or Team Member! Plus, last chance to save on CE Summit Event passes before tuition prices increase.

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Study with a Buddy & Make a Difference as an RWM™

Make a difference while you differentiate with new credentials and a collaborative approach to leadership in building your practice and a natural referral network, too, with the Real Wealth Management™ Designation Program. The RWM™ approaches conversations with clients on a deeper level while following a compliant framework that goes beyond KYC and KYP – all to enable greater financial piece of mind. Enrol in the RWM™ Designation Program, only $1,295 for single registrations (save $500) or study with a buddy and your tuition is only $995 each.

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FHSA: New Lines & Forms on the T1 This Year

If you opened a First Home Savings Account in 2023, you’ll be addressing potentially 3 new lines on the 2023 tax return, several new auxiliary tax forms and a brand-new Schedule 15.  Here is what you need to know:

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February 6 Economic Plan: New Spending, But No Tax Relief

The federal government announced over $200 million in new rent and emergency shelters support as well as $5 million a year to fund consumer research, investigate and reveal harmful business practices, all as part of its economic plan. Sadly, there was no broad-based tax relief to put money into the hands of consumers.  Here’s what was announced and how filing a tax return before the end of the month could provide more broad-based help instead.

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