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In the last election some parties suggested an increase to the capital gains inclusion rate to 75% or more as the best way to raise new money to pay down government debt. Do you agree?
Yes: 34 votes
No: 314 votes

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Capital Gains Tax Treatment Changes for Farmers and Fishers

On June 29, an important private member’s bill received Royal Assent. It addresses the thorny issue of intergenerational transfers of family farms and fisheries. These changes will provide more surety for those in the farming and fishing industries to enable capital gains treatment on intergenerational transfers; tax treatment aligned with sales to unrelated parties.

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A New Debt Instrument: Limited Recourse Capital Notes

In today’s hot but volatile financial markets, investors are looking for new places to invest for safety, while taking advantage of change.  A new type of debt instrument, Limited Recourse Capital Notes, may fit the bill for some fixed income investors, and tax and financial advisors will want to come up to speed to better understand the structure.   

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Share the Knowledge: Bring Your Team to DAC 2021

Virtual DAC Acuity 2021, October 17-19 will feature the thought leadership of 8 senior executives, 2 best-selling authors, leading scholars and top wealth advisors. It’s an online conference experience that tax and financial professionals won’t want to miss. Share the knowledge: enrol yourself and bring your team along at a reduced tuition fee, until September 30.

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KB Grads in the News – Sharon Timson, DFA-Tax Services Specialist™

Sharon Timson is a DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ Designate who has been able to increase the value she offers to her clients, while diving deeper into the important financial conversations. See what she has to say about her experience in earning these important credentials.

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Calculator for the New Canada Recovery Hiring Program

CRA launched its new Canada Recovery Hiring Program (CRHP) calculator today, to assist businesses in applying for support based on “incremental remuneration” in the period June 6 to November 20, 2021.  The program will overlap with CEWS and is meant to help businesses grow again as the economy reopens, as a result of hiring staff, increasing pay, or increasing shifts. It’s good news and advisors will want to bring details to their business owner clients immediately.  Here are the details:

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