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December 2022 Poll

Do you believe the new anti-flipping tax will reduce personal net worth in Canada in 2023?
Yes: 6 votes
No: 16 votes

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“From bad to worse? Next year’s economic risks are already here”

Nothing like a positive headline to grab your attention.  The Financial Post article goes on to say: It’s been a miserable year for the global economy. And things could get worse with a mild recession potentially on the horizon. In an extreme downside scenario, this could wipe out US$5 trillion in global output, according to Bloomberg Economics. So, what to do?

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What Matters is What You Keep - Year End Tax Planning for Investors and Owner-Managers

There is no doubt your clients are interested in knowing how to inflation proof and recession-proof their wealth and navigate successfully through emerging risks from the CRA. To accomplish the former, advisors must have broader knowledge on upcoming tax changes and how astute investment planning in a very new economic environment can help clients maximize after-tax income and reduce capital erosion.

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The Economic Pain is Multi-Generational: Economic Outlook

Our economy is shrinking and we can’t avoid that.  This was the hard truth Canada’s Finance Minister delivered in her November 3, 2022 Fall Economic Report and Mini-budget, which was followed the next day with Explanatory Notes to a 169-page Ways and Means Motion that amends the Income Tax Act for new measures.  A brief synopsis of the economic issues follows.  Be sure to request a copy of the Knowledge Bureau Special Report; also enrol now to attend the Nov. 16 Annual Year End Tax Update for in-depth details for professional advisors. 

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The Tax Outlook: Going Up Despite Projected Economic Malaise

Taxes and source deductions will continue to rise despite last week’s grim economic forecasts from the Finance Department. Here is what’s in store based on forecasting in the Fall Economic Report, released November 3.

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Mini-Budget Targets Speculators and Business Owners

New taxes are on the horizon for high net worth individuals. While several new tax measures were introduced in the November 3 Mini Budget, many have been created to propel forward defined economic incentives for businesses.  Of special note: residential property flipping is getting more expensive. A synopsis follows.

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