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May 2024 Poll

“Do you agree with the proposed increase on capital gains inclusion rates to 66 2/3% on capital gains over $250,000 for individuals and all capital gains on corporations and trusts on or after June 25, 2024?”
Yes: 30 votes
No: 250 votes

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Financial Literacy Declines in Later Life: Dr. Michael Finke at DAC

Those who earn more live longer, the longevity gap between men and women is closing and living close to your kids in retirement may turn out, well, differently than you may think. All of these factors and more will change how you think about retirement planning, according to Dr. Michael Finke, a keynote speaker at the Distinguished Advisors Conference (DAC) in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last week. But his biggest “aha” moments came from research on the financial literacy of seniors.

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See the Possibility:  Joe Roberts, The Skid Row CEO, On Addiction in the Family

Joe Roberts, also known as “The Skid Row CEO,” held the audience at Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) rapt with his moving personal story of addiction and recovery. Revealing the power of having difficult conversations with clients, Joe showed how trusted advisors can take their work to another level, especially in making financial plans for those who are vulnerable due to addiction.

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Learn About the Fundamentals of Succession Planning

Differentiate yourself as an MFA-Succession and Estate Planning Specialist in your community.  The first certificate course in the program, provides students with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of succession planning and how to become a more valuable resource to your clients in assisting them with their business succession planning needs.

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First Budget for Alberta’s New Government

Last week, Alberta’s new NDP government brought down their first provincial budget.

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Maximum pensionable earnings for 2016 announced by CRA

On November 2, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced the maximum pensionable earnings under the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) for 2016 will be $54,900. That is up from $53,600 in 2015.

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