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December 2022 Poll

Do you believe the new anti-flipping tax will reduce personal net worth in Canada in 2023?
Yes: 6 votes
No: 16 votes

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RRSPs Down, TFSAs Up

Recent RRSP & TFSA savings statistics show that only 26% of eligible taxfilers contributed to an RRSP in 2010, but this dropped to 24%  in 2011.

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Paying a Balance Due to CRA? Order a Remittance Form First.

Is it true if you have a balance owing to CRA and you do not want to pay on-line you need to call CRA for a pre-printed form?

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New Form T2038 Investment Tax Credits

The Atlantic Investment Tax Credit provides a 10% refundable tax credits for certain investments in new buildings, machinery and equipment used in the Atlantic region and the Gaspé Peninsula, in farming, fishing, logging, manufacturing and processing, oil & gas, and mining industries.

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Closing Down Tax Havens

Canada has one of the largest networks of bilateral tax treaties in the world. In Canada, the Government signs treaties with other nations, but Parliament must enact the laws to make the rules within them enforceable.

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Contrarily Positive: Things are Looking Up

A guest column by Dr. Michael Graham, Ph.D.  whose career has spanned 50 years, leading research and investment strategy at Wood Gundy, Dominion Securities Ames/Pitfield, Merrill Lynch Canada, Midland Walwyn, and now his own investment counselling firm Michael Graham Investment Services Inc. through which he writes about Canada’s potential as an exceptional worldwide place for investment.

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