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January Poll

Given the financial stress people are under during the second wave, should governments suspend audit activities and waive penalties and interest in 2021?
Yes: 230 votes
No: 83 votes

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DAC Attendees: Share Your DAC-in-a-Box Reveal

Get in on the secret and see what’s in the  DAC-in-a-Box!  The first kits have shipped out, and we’re encouraging all attendees to make their big reveal in the Whova event app. Show us what you’re most excited about receiving by sharing a photo; it might just enter you to win a special prize! But shhh…. Let’s keep the secret between us in Whova.  Not registered yet?  Share in the fun: enrol by October 15.  Here’s a sneak peek: 

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Taxpayer Right Tips: Relief & Fairness Provisions

During these tough financial times, when loan deferrals end and taxes are due, many more Canadians will face financial hardship. That makes the last quarter of the year an important one for proactive client conversations. What can tax and financial advisors do? If the issue is a disputed tax reassessment an important tool is to use the Taxpayer Relief Provisions.  

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Minimum Basic Income Poll: Do Tax & Financial Pros Endorse It?

It was neck-and-neck all the way.  When we asked our readers in the September KBR poll if they thought a Minimum Basic Income should be introduced in Canada, 48.6% of participants said yes, while 51.4% said no. Their comments, which demonstrate just how complex this issue is, speak for themselves…

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CRA Promises:  Better Answers, More Timely Response Coming?

Tax professionals have had an important say about CRA’s services, but the best news coming out of the CRA’s recent comments on results is that communication will become easier. The Dedicated Telephone Service (DTS) Annual Survey revealed most pros were satisfied with the service they received using this phone line, but also had a number of service standard improvement suggestions, which the CRA has promised to address.  Here’s what the pros said:

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DAC 2020 New Advisor Award Winner: Frank J. Ryan

Knowledge Bureau is pleased to announce that Frank Ryan, B. Sc. (hons), MBA, P.Geo., CEBS®, ISCEBS Fellow, Financial Advisor & Certified Employee Benefits Specialist of Ryco Financial in St. John’s, NL , has been selected as the 2020 winner of the Distinguished New Advisor Award. The award will be presented virtually at the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) on October 28th.    

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