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Are government plans to introduce automatic free tax filing for the 12% of adults who don’t file tax returns to get benefits a good idea?
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No: 301 votes

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Up to Speed? Rules Change for RPP and Salary Deferral Leaves

On July 2, the government released draft legislation to temporarily change some of the rules around salary deferral leave and Registered Pension Plans. Here’s what you need to know:

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Interest Rate Steady: What It Means for Taxpayers

Need some positivity in your life? The  new Bank of Canada Governor, Tiff Macklem announced yesterday that the benchmark interest rate would remain 0.25% (where it’s been since March) and will do so until the 2% inflation target is reached, which might take at least two years, according to their Monetary Policy Report.  But there is more good news:

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Commission Salespeople: Fill Knowledge Gaps on The Tax Consequences

Are you in the dark about tax rules for employed and self-employed taxpayers?  Shore up your knowledge base now with two new short courses from Knowledge Bureau in the new Knowledge Gap Series. Here’s what you’ll learn online (that means in the comfort of home, office, cottage or beach), and the price is right, too.

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Educational Calendar: Important 2020 Tax, Financial and Educational Events

Mark your calendar: there are some important dates coming up for those with an interest in tax and financial planning, including some exciting new educational opportunities with Knowledge Bureau. 

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Economic Update: Unprecedented $713 Billion to be Borrowed in 2020-21

According to the July 8 Economic Snapshot, the Canadian economy is projected to shrink by 6.8%, the worst economic contraction since the Great Depression.  Worse, Canadians face an unprecedented total market debt level of $1.236 Trillion dollars projected for the end of 2020-21 and the government plans to finance $713 billion of that, which means that each of Canada’s 37,742,154 people, now face a liability of $32,748.66.  It’s no wonder the PBO issued a report on a “wealth tax” the same day.

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