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This Week’s Edition of KBR:

June 2024 Poll

With the June 17 proprietorship filing deadline approaching, do you believe advice about incorporation will change in light of the June 25 capital gains inclusion rates changes?
Yes: 16 votes
No: 27 votes

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Quebec Provincial Budget: March 12, 2024

It’s important to keep up with breaking tax news and that includes provincial tax changes, to help clients make important lifecycle decisions like whether to start a job or business in another province.  Here’s what’s new from the budget in Quebec, brought down March 12, 2024. 

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Critical Professional Tax Education Launching This Month!

Don’t miss this opportunity to save on critical professional tax education launching this month – pre-publication specials end March 15! Register now and start anytime in the next two months.

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DMA ™ Program Orientation & Retirement Income Services Specialist Program Offer

Do you have the skills to provide the process and structure your clients will need to effectively plan for their retirement? Differentiate yourself, attract new clients and increase profits by providing a high value service as a trusted advisor to your clients as a DMA™- Retirement Income Services Specialist.Take ten minutes and check out the Introduction to the DMA™- Retirement Income Services Specialist Program Orientation. Your experience includes an Orientation video, free course and calculator trials, and a special program offer that ends on March 15! Check out the details here:

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Upcoming Tax & Investment Milestones: March and April

In this final month of the first quarter of 2024, significant new tax filing milestones arise, but with a twist, because both March 30 and 31 are on a weekend and April 1 is a Monday.  For these reasons it’s important for tax and financial specialists to step up the tax filing conversation on critical issues like any potential RRSP excess contributions and everything related to trusts!  Here are the significant dates to know for March and April:

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Provincial Tax News: BC Introduces Anti-Flipping Tax

It’s Provincial Budget Time! First out of the gate on February 22, the BC government introduced a substantive budget which introduces a BC Family Benefit Bonus, increases the Climate Action Tax Credit, extends training tax credits, exempts farmers from participating in provincial agricultural insurance programs and most important, changes the taxation of real estate in the province, and introduces a new Home Flipping for 2025.  This is a substantive matter to discuss with clients during tax season 2024. Details follow:

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