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It’s officially both TFSA and RRSP season.  Both plans are a tax-assisted gift to future financial freedom and based on recently released 2018 CRA statistics, Canadians have embraced their TFSA opportunities.  What’s particularly encouraging is that it’s a savings plan both Millennials and GenXers have embraced; an important consideration for tax and financial advisors who want to add value to these relationships.

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The January 20 CE Summit ‘Wow’ Factor

Esteemed Canadian tax experts delivered cutting edge personal tax filing information with a “wow” factor punctuated by huge audience participation at the Virtual CE Summit this week.  Over 700 questions were received from an audience of over 350 professionals nation-wide – the largest one-day participation yet.  Here’s what they said about the important tax and financial insights shared:

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Tax Implications of Separation & Divorce

Will separations and divorces increase due to the pandemic?  Unemployment can be a factor that leads to a spike in separations and divorces; as a result, tax and financial advisors need to understand the tax rules if they see this trend in the 2021 tax filing season.

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Congratulations to our CE Summit Prize Winners!

We love to celebrate the scholastic achievements of our designates at Knowledge Bureau, and to wrap up yesterday’s Virtual CE Summits we dished out some prizes to two lucky winners. Please join us in congratulating them and check out what they won!

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Emergency Response Benefit Complexity: New Info Released

In the midst of many provinces facing increased lockdown measures, the CRA has released new information, documentation and resources about Canada Emergency Response Benefit repayment and taxation. It has the potential to both aid and add to the complexity and confusion many are facing, particularly when it comes to the CERB.  Here is what you need to know:

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