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This Week’s Edition of KBR:

February 2023 Poll

Should Canada bring back 5 year income averaging provisions to smooth out irregular income flows?
Yes: 22 votes
No: 0 votes

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A Void Exists in Helping Business Owners with Succession Plans

Are you looking to increase your multi-generation client base?  Here’s an obvious need and a huge void: 70% of private company owners in Canada plan to either transfer or sell their businesses when they retire—but many don’t have a plan in place. In fact, almost half plan to pass ownership to the next generation, but of those, 47% of them don’t have a succession plan[i]. You can fill this big void by advising family business and we have a targeted CE course to help you do that. 

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BREAKING NEWS – Fall Economic Update Tomorrow (November 3)

Fall Economic Statement 2022 November 3, 2022.  Knowledge Bureau will be deciphering and interpreting the economic, tax and financial news the Finance Minister will announce. Mark Your Calendar for a Special Knowledge Bureau Report on November 9 and don’t forget to register for the comprehensive CE Summit workshop on November 16. Enrol now to train on the critical issues that Canadian taxpayers will face in Canada’s most current year end tax planning update.     

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End Of Pandemic Support For Business

November 3 is the last day for the retroactive claiming of certain pandemic support provisions. Have you spoken about these opportunities to business owner clients you work with? Here are the details:

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Why Do Taxes Matter In Growing Our Economy?

Did you know that Canada ranks only 16th on the OECD’s  International Tax Competitiveness Index; behind Estonia, which is #1, and even Turkey which is #9.  It ranks 31st for individual taxes and 27th for corporate taxes.  High taxes can have many negative consequences for a competitive economy.  Which are the most damaging? 

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RECESSION 2023: Almost 90% Of Your Clients Are Worried

The October Knowledge Bureau Report poll question asked: “Are your clients worried about a recession in 2023 and its effects on their financial status?”  Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes, at 87.25%. This means there is a tremendous opportunity to connect with your clients for year-end tax planning and help them stay on plan, with tax efficiency.  Advisors who participated from across Canada had these observations:     

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