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Tax Expenditures Report: Clues to 2020 Federal Budget Changes?

Is wealth preservation important as demographics change dramatically over the next 15 to 20 years in Canada? Or are today’s taxing requirements so great that governments need to tap into wealth accumulation immediately? Those are a few of the tax policy questions to be answered as federal and provincial budget season arrives in Canada this month. A recent federal government report provides some good clues as to what may lie ahead.

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It’s Complex: Your Relationship with the Tax Refund

Canadians have a unique perspective on tax refunds – they seem to love them! Taxpayers have the tendency to use the refund as a savings strategy, according to our February poll. It’s something the pros don’t necessarily agree with, but 75% of them felt that reducing tax withholdings would have no benefit in helping Canadians manage their money.

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You’re in Luck: St. Patrick’s Day Folklore and a Special Offer

Do you know why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a day of luck and good fortune? We’re pleased to share some fun facts and folklore about the luck o’ the Irish and extend a lucky charm to you: a special tuition offer.

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Enable Financial Peace of Mind Through Professional Collaboration

New from Knowledge Bureau: Join the Society of Real Wealth Managers™.  It’s a national network of financial specialists who enable peace of mind by taking a multi-stakeholder approach to family wealth management.  Professional collaboration is so important in uncertain financial times. Become a charter member at an introductory fee, upskill and get connected today.

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Get Your Knowledge Journal: Learn About the Longest Tax Return in History

At 8 pages, the 2019 T1 return is the longest tax form in history.  It could also be the most complex, says Evelyn Jacks, President of Knowledge Bureau. With tax season beginning, professionals who are not yet familiar need to learn about the changes to the forms, line numbers and the detailed legislation behind them. 

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