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Retirement Options for Unprepared Young Boomers

A recent survey by 2019 DAC Sponsor Franklin Templeton shows* that 21% of young boomers (age 55 to 64) have not set anything aside for their retirement while 46% are considering a delayed retirement. Many of these issues are caused by having to support an aging parent as well as older children leaving no funds to save for retirement. To outline the key issues, here’s a case study with Raymond’s story.

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Is There Hope for Generation X With No Retirement Savings?

Are you a Gen Xer, or do you have clients who are? Did you know that 28% of this demographic (ages 37 to 52) has not saved anything for their retirement? This, according to a recent survey by DAC Sponsor Franklin Templeton*. The following case study explores Helga and Michael’s story and highlights the important role of seeking the right tax and financial advice, sooner rather than later. 

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RRSPs: A Potential Debt Reduction Strategy

A U.S. study has found that 58% of millennials are actively saving for retirement.* That’s impressive and important because in Canada, Statistics Canada tells us that 42% of senior families are in debt, with 14% still holding mortgages, and those with consumer debt standing at 37%.* Millennials have a few important defensive tools at their disposal to help them prepare for a financially healthy retirement . One of them is to manage mortgage debt with retirement savings through new features in an RRSP under the Home Buyers Plan (HBP).

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CE Summits Speaker Spotlight: Doug Nelson, Best-Selling Retirement Planning Author Headlines

If you want to help your clients avoid FROM – fear of running out of money – you’ll want to hear dynamic, best-selling author of Master Your Retirement, Doug Nelson B.Comm. (hons), CFP, CIM, MFA™, RWM™ at the November CE Summits. Doug’s sessions are focused on the timely retirement planning issues that impact the work advisors do today in helping investors prepare for a more certain future.

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Is Tax on Capital Gains Fair? It Depends

The current scheme of reporting capital gains, by including 50% of taxable gains in income, may be increased to 75% depending on the results of the next election. Does it make sense for the economy and its Canadian investors to do so? Not in the absence of inflation adjusting. Here’s how the math works.

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