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July 2019 Poll

Should the capital gains inclusion rate be increased to 75% as some advocates are proposing?
Yes: 34 votes
No: 337 votes

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Poll Results: Retirement is Really About Envisioning a Multi-Faceted Life

Is it as difficult for you to envision life after retirement as it is to save for it? According to Knowledge Bureau’s March poll results, the vast majority thinks so: 68% of respondents said yes. But this thought-provoking question helped to define what a retiree’s role really is in a future society that has more old people than young and what this means to the way retirement planning is approached.

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Avoiding Conflicts of Interest: Advisor Education is the Vital Link

Recently, an article in the Globe and Mail regarding The Australian Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry caught my interest. It provided perspective on the Royal Commission’s findings and recommendations, as well as comments from Ian Russell, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Industry Association of Canada (IIAC). On closer look at the final report, there was something new to consider in combatting misconduct.

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Paper Filing: A Right or a Problem of the Past?

If your clients are looking for paper copies of this year’s tax forms at the post office, they may be out of luck. Despite many locations posting advanced notice that they would be providing a limited number of paper forms this year, it is particularly concerning that some locations ran out early in the tax season. Some argue that the most vulnerable Canadians may be the most affected by these shortages.

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Graduate in the News – Zay Aquino, DFA – Tax Services Specialist™

If you’ve ever been to the Knowledge Bureau headquarters, you’ve probably met Zay Aquino. Zay is not only an honours graduate of Knowledge Bureau’s DFA – Tax Services Specialist™ designation, but also our very own Accounting Manager. Zay’s educational journey is an interesting story.

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April Poll

Despite an anticipated rebate for small businesses, do you think it’s fair that EI contribution amounts will go up (for taxpayers and businesses) to fund the proposed Canada Training Benefit?

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