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Do you believe the top federal tax rate should rise above 33% on income over $216,511 to help pay down the debt? Please explain.
Yes: 114 votes
No: 140 votes

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KB Grads in the News - Kathy Arney, MFA-P™

A seasoned philanthropy professional, Kathy Arney has outstanding matchmaking skills.  She shares why the MFA-P™ Philanthropy Designation Program helped to improve them.

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Digital Assets and IP Qualify for 100% Tax Write-Offs

Good news for business investors!  The April 19, 2021 federal budget contained over $2 billion dollars in tax write-offs for investments made on or after budget day and before 2024 to a maximum claim of $1.5 million.  There are a few exceptions, but most property acquired used by CCPCs will qualify for a 100% write off when available for use, and this includes digital assets and intellectual property.

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How to Take Advantage of the Canada Recovery Hiring Program

After gaining 300,000 jobs in March, Canada lost 207,000 jobs in April, primarily in locked down Ontario and British Columbia, according to Statistics Canada. The April unemployment rate also rose 0.6 percentage points to 8.1%. In a timely move, the April 19, 2021 Federal Budget proposed the new Canada Hiring Recovery Program, set to begin June 6, which would help pay for up to 50% of wages. Here is a how-to guide for employers hoping to tap in:

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Adopting a Business Builder Approach for Long-Term Growth

Despite the pandemic, a recent report finds business owners are remarkably resilient. As tax advisors round out the tax filing seasons with the June 15, 2021 filing deadline for proprietors, it’s a good time to have a high value discussion about what it takes to build long term growth taking root now. The secret may be how effective advisors are in counseling for business growth.  There are certain steps you can follow in the process.

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6 Reasons to Attend the May 20 Virtual CE Summit

The May 15 enrolment deadline for the Virtual CE Summit taking place on May 20 is approaching fast. After this, the walk-up rate of $695 applies for all new and returning students.  That’s a good reason to act now! But here are 6 more reasons why Retirement, Estate Planning & Budget Updates this May will help you get better results and simplify your efforts with clients.

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