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December 2022 Poll

Do you believe the new anti-flipping tax will reduce personal net worth in Canada in 2023?
Yes: 13 votes
No: 27 votes

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Inflation, Inflation, Recession, Recession, let’s just call the whole thing off?

We find ourselves in an unusual situation with higher-than-normal inflation while simultaneously seeing signs of either an ongoing or approaching recession.  It’s not a time for knee-jerk overreactions.  Rather, the current cloud gathering should come as a reminder that long-term wealth is built by well-researched investments constructed around the realities of fluctuating economic circumstances.

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Executor: Tips when preparing to file final returns

Have you agreed to be an executor for a loved one?  If so, I just know you want to be ready and informed about what to do when the time comes.  When it is time to ‘be’ the executor, over and above the additional tasks you have to do, you could be also faced with the emotions of your loss.  For that reason, amongst others, the time to check into what is involved is NOW! 

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Knowledge Bureau Launches Industry Leading Online Education Portal

National Financial Education Institute Knowledge Bureau is pleased to announce the launch of its new virtual campus:  The mission of the second campus, which complements the Specialized Credentials offered through, will focus on an expanded curriculum of short professional courses available by subscription, especially designed for entrepreneurial advisors in search of both technical and business education.

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DAC Acuity 2022: Featuring Insights from Top Canadian Knowledge Experts

This year’s thought leaders will be taking the stage at DAC Acuity 2022, October 16-18 in Niagara Falls to discuss the theme “Velocity: How to Gain Momentum in the New Economy”, and this is your unique opportunity to grow your business with innovative insight from the top Canadian Knowledge experts in tax, accounting and finance. We invite you to join us for a combination of great networking, and the serious work of understanding the trends and strategies that lead to sound decision-making with your clients in the current environment. RSVP now, and take advantage of early-bird tuition rates – only until August 31.

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Prescribed Interest Rates Rise To 3%

Owing money to CRA has just gotten a lot more expensive.  If you owe, you’ll pay interest at a rate of 7% effective October to December.   This represents an additional 1% increase over the July to August quarter which was, in turn, a 1% increase over the rate for the previous quarter.

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