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December Poll

As the decade closes, do you feel the evolution of our tax system has been positive?
Yes: 6 votes
No: 61 votes

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Who Will Inherit the Family Business?

Who will inherit the family business? What will it be worth when time for transition comes? Why is this issue so difficult to discuss? It’s important to engage your successful but soon-to-retire business owner clients in strategic planning now, especially if potential economic downturn is on the horizon.

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Tax Facts: Cross-Border Income Compliance

In an increasingly global economy, more and more Canadians find themselves vacationing, owning property, and earning income in the U.S. If your client has financial stakes across the border, it’s important to know the tax implications associated with them. This can include cross border contract work and owning and renting vacation properties.

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Important Consultation Periods End Soon: Changes to ESOP & Annuities

Don’t miss the opportunity to both plan with your high net worth clients, and weigh in with Finance Canada on two important tax changes proposed in the 2019 Federal Budget. The proposals impact employee stock options and annuities. To provide your views diarize the following deadlines and ensure you act soon: September 16 in the case of Employee Stock Option Plans and October 7 for the new annuity options.

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Freedom 55: Definitely Not a Modern Trend

Freedom 55 for Boomers? Unfortunately not.  Canada’s average age of retirement is on the rise. The average age across all retirees in Canada was 63.8, rising steadily from 63 years of age in 2014, according Statistics Canada*. Who is working longer – employed or self-employed people? The trends are interesting and speak to the need for proactive planning.

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Increase Capital Gains Rate? 90% of Pros Say It’s a Bad Idea

Will the current income inclusion rate of 50% for capital gains be increased to 75% after the next federal election? It’s an idea that’s been floated by at least one of the parties and a bad one at that, says the vast majority of KBR July poll respondents. Many are especially concerned about a lack of fairness, and a dire impact on the Canadian economy, and they had plenty to say about that.   

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