DAC 2019 Special Report - Rave Review from Delegates

DAC 2019 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is in full swing this week and Day 3 is underway today. It has been an outstanding conference in every respect, with all the speakers hitting their topics out of the park with passion, cutting-edge insights, and highly engaged delegates discussing resilience and competition in a dramatically changing world.

If you’re missing out on this year’s conference, here’s your opportunity to hear what attendees have to say so far and get a recap of the knowledge being shared and festivities taking place. We hope this will inspire you to join us next year in Niagara Falls for DAC Acuity 2020, October 28-30. A special early registration offer is available for you (until February 15) and your team members at incredibly low prices.

For a refresher on the speakers and their session topics, events, and other information about this year’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC), see the DAC Program Guide, Agenda, and Speaker page. You can also get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what’s happening in Puerto Vallarta by visiting the DAC 2019 Facebook photo album. If you’re with us in Mexico, please tag yourself in the photos, and share them with your colleagues and friends!

Now, for just a few of the comments from our delegates about their experiences at Day 1 of DAC:

Marilyn Kennedy – “Really powerful speakers and great content refresher of prospective ideas for mature advisors. I’d absolutely recommend DAC. All advisors need to understand tax impacts for their clients and how to help them.”

Shirley A. French – “The speakers exceeded my expectations. All were extremely good and gave so much to think about. DAC is so filled with knowledge and learning opportunities. Thank you all!”

Steven Furtado – “Very interesting content and excellent speakers! I would like to have my team and colleagues attend.”

Bill Latimer – “I would recommend this conference. There was no product promotion, and it was very informative. I appreciate the opportunity to receive ‘pure’ CE credits without sales elements.”

Diane Elliott – “Most topics were interesting, thought provoking and relevant. Great diversification of information relevant to all professionals in financial or tax services.”

Paul J Vaneyk – “The information at DAC is at a holistic level that provides me with great tools to service clients. I always recommend DAC.”

Robert Lamb -  “Improved my knowledge of information in areas I already work in. I’d recommend this conference: you’ll expand your knowledge in areas of concern to your clients that you normally would not be that knowledgeable on.”

May Chan – “Great information to enrich my practice. We must keep learning and be current.”

Tina Carthigaser – “Great content and speaker lineup so far. Congratulations!”

Maryke Leonard-Troskie – “Excellent refresher of key issues in the financial industry, but also enlightening about new opportunities and challenges. Good info on how to grow your business. It’s a great way to stay updated on key developments and trends for new business owners and learn from the collective knowledge of presenters in a short space of time.”

Laramie Tan-Amit – “Excellent speakers that touch my specific heart of business. It is beneficial for advancement and professional development. Gives solid knowledge.”

Maureen Carse – “There is always very good and sometimes unexpected learning at DAC. I’ll always recommend this conference.”

Theodorus vanEverdink – “Objectives were met and exceeded. Good to take knowledge and concepts to put into practice immediately.”

Shelley Rudiger – “Very interesting to see what is happening in the current financial world. Valuable information to keep current and support clients’ growth.”

Margaret Hodgson – “Everything was in tune with the financial environment and was a lot of info to help us move forward. I always recommend DAC!”

Michelle Crouse – “Lovely venue, engaging presentations that were well-delivered. Concepts were all relevant to my practice and issues were timely.”

Marilyn Sims – “I liked the relationship building ideas that I can use with my clients. Overall, the information was good and very transferable to multiple situations.”

Chenine Humphrey – “Insightful, fresh perspectives to build out new ideas to provide value to our clients. I will continue to encourage my bookkeeping colleagues to attend to help them more to the next level of knowledge.”

Tammie Gilbert – “Excellent speakers and topics. I always come away with a lot of take-aways.”

Monique Isherwood – “The day 1 sessions reminded me why I keep moving forward, why I bring tech to my firm. But to keep it personal. Honestly, I attend various conferences, and I’d recommend DAC.”

Daniel Collison – “Gained some great ideas and concepts that can be used for my business. At DAC, you gain a lot of information and knowledge, both central and around the periphery of the industry in one sitting.”

Charlene Birdsall -   When asked if her objectives were met, she said, “More than expected” and added that she’d recommend the conference because “Many different types of businesses can use the information.”

Stay tuned for more testimonials and photos as the week progresses!

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