It’s a Leap Year! Some Fun Facts, and a Special Offer…

Did you know about 5 million people in the world have birthdays every four years on a Leap Year?  Rumor has it they also have very special powers! With February 29, 2020 just around the corner, we are pleased to share some fun facts about Leap Year with you, along with some special powers  to take advantage of our Leap Year Tuition Special, which ends (you guessed it) on February 29!

Take advantage of a special leap year promotion that’s perfect to help you get new credentials while you wait for your clients to gather those receipts and documents for tax season 2020.Take any 2 retirement planning courses for only $995 (taxes extra – but pay by e-transfer for some welcome tax relief!).  Now impress your friends with your Leap Year smarts!  Did you know that:

  • Julius Caesar introduced the first calendar leap year in 46 B.C, but made a few mistakes in the calculations?
  • Who came to the rescue? It was about 1500 years later, Pope Gregory XIII tweaked the calculations in his Gregorian calendar, but it had its flaws too - it only had 365 days.
  • Why was that a problem?Since it takes the earth 365 days, five hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds to revolve once around the sun, we would have lost 6 hours a year! So, modern mankind added a day every four years to make sure we don’t!

To make the best use of that extra day, folklore has it that women should feel free to propose to men!  But then again, some would say it’s not really a legal “day”. . .so it’s likely best to think twice before making a life-changing decision on February 29.   But, here’s a sure thing and it will sure save you time and money too:

Here at Knowledge Bureau we are having a Leap Year Sale to celebrate! Here are the details:

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  • Tax Strategies for Investors - You will learn to be conversant in recent tax changes relating to a variety of investment opportunities. You'll also understand strategies and ordering rules using tax-free, tax-deferred, and taxable incomes. You'll use a series of assessment tools to structure your clients' pre- and post-tax investment income and to monitor ongoing results. You'll learn how to manage tax returns by being familiar with tax-free zones, clawback zones and marginal tax rates. You'll provide specific investment income planning approaches for a variety of taxpayer profiles, including young families, students, business owners, and retirees.
  • Tax Efficient Retirement Income Planning - This course covers a holistic retirement income planning process. You will acquire the knowledge to do a proper assessment of client vision and goals for retirement and engage them in a consistent process for addressing the three trigger questions that cause financial decision-making—life, financial, and economic events. You'll establish a strategic “real wealth management plan” based on client needs for tax efficient income as well as after-tax capital preservation, growth and transition.

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Source: Leap Year Facts