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Faculty of business accounting Your Potential is Limitless™

Achieve the DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist™ Designation

With new in-depth knowledge and high-level skills, you’ll assist business owners with bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, cash flow and financial statements. You’ll offer trusted insights on all transactions.

Choose Your Pathway—three Options

Take six courses

As a designated specialist, provide high level advice with deep knowledge and top skills in your field. Study time is flexible—take up to 18 months to finish.

Take three courses

Become a skilled practitioner, providing practical solutions with your enhanced credentials. Take up to a year to complete your Diploma.

Take one course

A Great Way to Start. Earn a respected Certificate of Achievement in a course of your choice and 30 CE/CPD Credits. Take up to three months.

it is excellent at helping beginners understand the basics of bookkeeping, and be able to practice hands-on with Quickbooks and Sage.”

- Wendy Hartmann, DFA™-Bookkeeping Services Specialist, Undergraduate


Attain Your DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist™ Designation.

DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF. More than a skilled software user, your audit-proof reporting, deep knowledge and expert counsel will be valued by your busy clients. You’ll offer professional services based on the foundational principles of accounting and tax compliance.

Custom-Design Your Own Flexible Study Plan

Complete six certificate courses:


Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

Advanced Payroll for Small Business

Debt and Cash Flow Management


Managerial Accounting and Budgeting

Accounting for Multiple Business Profiles

Accounting for Business Growth and Transition


Earn a Diploma as a Certified Bookkeeping Practitioner

ADVANCE YOUR CAREER. Choose three courses from the Practical Skills list above and learn the proficiencies you’ll need to provide professional bookkeeping services. Your New Core Competencies:

  • Operational Skills: Able to analyze transactions, enter data and report on accounts, prepare payroll and monitor debt and cash flow, and present financial statements for tax preparation and managerial review.
  • Technical Proficiencies: Awareness of how accounting adds value to day-to-day transactions, throughout the lifecycle of a business and during times of transition.
  • Strategic Planning: Capable of producing payroll runs of any size and complexity.


Earn a Professional Certificate

Get started on your Diploma or Designation Program with your first certificate course. Hone your practical skills and fill knowledge gaps in your industry knowledge. Shore up your professional development with a single certificate course from the list above. It’s a great way to fulfill professional development requirements and start on your pathway towards a diploma or designation. Every online course provides 30 CE/CPD credit hours.

Have You Met Your CE/CPD Requirements?

Please read the Standards of Conduct. Designates of Knowledge Bureau require 15 CE/CPD credits before year end to re-license their registered marks for the next calendar year.

Please contact us to stay onside with your re-licensing requirements and to receive your VIP designate rates on your tuition fees.

Learn Your Way

Online 24/7

Every course you take with Knowledge Bureau counts on your academic pathway. Qualify for tuition rebates by taking a certificate course, diploma program or designation program.


Complement your online education with CE Summits. Held in November, January and May, these one-day, instructor-led workshops offer peer-to-peer learning experiences to students who prefer studying in groups.


Annual three-day Distinguished Advisor Conferences focus on finding solutions for the challenges faced by businesses in a global marketplace.

Knowledge Base

Tap into a comprehensive, centralized clearinghouse of trusted information, including great books, Knowledge Bureau Report, online calculators and research libraries.

All-Inclusive Resources

• Personal course selection consultation
• Virtual campus orientation
• Lesson and study plans
• Personal instructor email support
• Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
• EverGreen Online Research Library
• Knowledge Bureau calculators
• Testing and certification
• CE/CPD accreditation
• Examination, certification and designation