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This Week’s Edition of KBR:

November 2023 Poll

The UHT filing deadline was extended to April 30, 2024 on October 31. Do you agree with this decision?
Yes: 91 votes
No: 17 votes

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Earn New Specialized Credentials for Tax Season 2024

Now is the time to get ready for tax season 2024 by adding Distinguished Master Advisor (DMA™) to your own Specialized Credentials, or expand the talent in your office to grow your firm. Choose from 3 recommended Designation Programs.

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DAC 2023: Break Free at the RWM™ DAC Brunch!

Want to get your blood pumping and your imagination soaring?  Join the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ us for an open conversation about what’s holding us back in making transformational change in your industry.  What does it take to break free?  No cameras, no recordings, just an opportunity to speak plain truth and brainstorm for proactive change for the future, while learning more about Real Wealth Management™ from the people who practice it daily over brunch at DAC 2023!

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KBR Special Report on the UHT

Picture this, you’re in a rush so you check your driving app to find the quickest route to your destination. You’ve got the car packed and you are on your way.  The drive is going well, and you are on track to make it to your destination just in time; that is, until you hit a couple of construction detours.As you sit in traffic, you wonder why the app sent you down a road that wasn’t ready for traffic? This is the feeling many taxpayers and their advisors are having as they try to comply to file form UHT-2900 by the October 31 deadline this month.

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Millennials and Bankruptcy

The Millennials, children of Boomers and GenX, parents of the Alpha Gen, are the fastest growing population in Canada, at 33.2%, and are part of the cohort that is the median age in Canada in 2023:  41 years. A recent study found millennials were 1.4 times more likely to file for insolvency than Gen X aged 42 to 56, and 1.7 times more likely than baby boomers aged 57 to 76. Insolvent millennials were on average 33 years old and owed an average of $47,283 in unsecured debt. They need financial planning help, especially to understand their continued access to refundable benefits.

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How to Reduce Interest and Penalties at CRA

It goes without saying the filing tax returns and elections on time will help taxpayers prevent the punitive late filing penalties.  But, if the filing deadline has passed, look to the Voluntary Disclosure Program to see if you qualify to reduce penalties when late filing.  And then, if a return has been filed late, look to the Taxpayer Relief program to see if you qualify for tax forgiveness. The following are a summary of the programs.

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