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The CRA recently signed a secret settlement with wealthy KPMG clients involved in an offshore tax scheme.  Do you agree with this?
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Recession and Climate Change: New Economic Risks Ahead

Released on May 16, the Bank of Canada’s 2019 Financial System Review shows a shift in the economic issues that impact the financial future of Canadians. The good news is that household debt levels appear to be easing. However, there are new storm clouds on the horizon,  especially for businesses. The biggest threats: the economic impact of climate change and record-breaking non-financial corporate debt levels.

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Claiming Investment Counsel Fees

Investment counsel fees are amounts charged for advice on investments. Some of these fees for investment advice are eligible to be claimed as a carrying charge, a deduction on the personal tax return. However, this is not the case for all fees. Here are the guidelines for advisors to share with their investor clients.

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Millennial Advisors: Embracing Technology Critical to Success

New advisors have an opportunity to set the tone for a positive transformation in the financial services industry, despite fears that a new digital economy continues to replace certain positions. In fact, digital disruption offers up-and-coming millennial advisors a great advantage if they use their strong technical skills along with emerging technology to embellish on relationship building at a critical time of demographic change.

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CE Summit Partner: CIBC to Debut SmartBanking™ for Business

CIBC will be showcasing a new digital banking platform at the Knowledge Bureau’s CE Summits in four cities. The bank has collaborated with industry-leading cloud accounting software companies Intuit Canada and Xero, and payroll software company Ceridian, to integrate accounting and payroll with its powerful online cash management services.

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New Release: Essential Tax Facts 2019 Edition

Knowledge Bureau and Evelyn Jacks are proud to release the 2019 edition of Essential Tax Facts: How to Make the Right Tax Moves and Be Audit-Proof, Too on May 24, 2019. Featuring invaluable Audit-Buster Checklists and the latest from the March 2019 Federal Budget, Essential Tax Facts will help you position yourself for greater success with up-to-date information in an ever-changing tax environment.

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