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December Poll

As the decade closes, do you feel the evolution of our tax system has been positive?
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No: 61 votes

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The Pros Speak: More Changes to TOSI are Needed

It’s an issue that is still controversial. In 2017, legislation was passed introducing new tax on split income (TOSI) rules in effect for 2018.* It’s legislation that many tax and financial advisors who participated in our October poll would like to see rolled back to old rules. Others have specific changes they believe would be more effective and beneficial to small businesses in Canada.

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Tax Dilemma of a New Commission Salesperson

Sales and promotional expenses can be claimed by employees who are required to travel for work and paid on commission, employed in the selling of property or negotiating contracts, or if they are required to pay their own expenses. But when it comes to tax deductibility there’s a big catch. 

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Spectra Financial Now Hiring: Licensed Financial Representative

Spectra Financial is currently looking to fill the position of licensed financial representative. Read on for more details on this opportunity.

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Introducing the New DAC Acuity 2020

Canada’s longest running conference for top advisors in the tax, accounting and financial services is getting an exciting new mandate. Knowledge Bureau’s highly successful DAC (Distinguished Advisor Conference) will morph into a modern new program called DAC Acuity 2020, and will be held in Niagara Falls from October 28 to 30, 2020. 

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DAC 2019 New Advisor Award Winner: Steven Furtado

Knowledge Bureau is pleased to announce that Steven Furtado, Mandeville Private Client Inc./Zagari, Simpson & Associates, has been selected as the 2019 winner of the Distinguished New Advisor Award. The award will be presented at the Opening Ceremonies of the Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC) in Puerto Vallarta, November 10-13.

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