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November 2022 Poll

Should investors harvest tax losses in 2022 to recover taxes paid on capital gains declared in the prior three years?
Yes: 108 votes
No: 8 votes

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Business Transition: When Options Include Bankruptcy

While only 10% of small business would file for bankruptcy today, over 60% are carrying pandemic debt of about $160,000 according to the CFIB.  This is worrisome given new data out of the U.S., where close to 50% of small businesses are at risk of shutting down[1].

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Canada’s Wage Support Claims are Ending

Retroactive claims for three important pandemic wage supports will end in October and November, for Periods 27 and 28.  The programs were first introduced on October 24, 2021 with an end date of May 7, 2022; however retroactive claims were still allowed. Specifics appear below:  Business owners who have not yet made claims for the CRGP – Canada Recovery Hiring Program, the CRGP – Canada Recovery Hiring Program and the HHBRP – Hardest-Hit Business Recovery Program will be out of luck after November 6.

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Reduce or Eliminate OAS Clawbacks

Old Age Security clawbacks, technically known as the Old Age Security Recovery Tax, are applied when your tax return is filed, and your net income is over the clawback threshold ($81,761 for 2022). Then, the following July, the government assumes your income will remain the same for the following tax year and starts collecting the clawback by reducing your OAS payments each month.

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DAC Acuity 2022: Wealth Management – Strategic Philanthropy

FIRESIDE CHAT: DOING GOOD You’ve likely heard about social financing: the collaborative investment of public, private and philanthropic funds to re-image our economic structure to build a “Social Infrastructure Network”. At it’s core – doing good is the big idea.

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GAAR Changes:  Will You Meet September 30 Consultation Deadline?

An important discussion is taking place in Canada and tax professionals will not want to miss their chance to weigh in by the September 30 consultation deadline.  Specifically, the federal government wishes to “modernize” the GAAR – General Anti Avoidance Rules - after a series of 24 losses in court.  Here are the issues:

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