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January Opinion Poll

Do you think personal/corporate tax reforms can spur on economic growth in Canada in 2022 and beyond?”
Yes: 46 votes
No: 43 votes

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Trusts and Control

Most advisors know that everyone should have a will and power of attorneys for property and health. But should everyone have a trust as part of their estate plans?  According to best-selling author Christine Van Cauwenberghe who is also VP, Tax and Estate Planning at IG, trusts are not for everyone. 

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Global Families: Beware the Multi-Million Dollar Tax Traps

Global Families: Beware the Multi Million Dollar Tax Traps By Terri Williams What does the great wealth transfer look like post-pandemic and after tax?   The trend may be that sharing money and assets with the next generation will happen sooner rather than later,  according to a recent CIBC survey.

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Investment Planning - What if Conventional Wisdom is Wrong?

Investment Planning – What if Conventional Wisdom is Wrong? By Terri Williams According to Dr. Jack Mintz, who spoke at last week’s Distinguished Advisor Conference (DAC), the global economy faces a very uncertain future because of the impact of the pandemic induced supply shock. 

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What’s to Come as Some COVID-Response Benefits End?

On October 21, just a whisper before  many of the pandemic support programs for individuals and business were set to expire two days later, including the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) and Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), the federal government announced some transitional provisions. Now, new targeted COVID-19 support benefits are being introduced. Read on for details:

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Why We Need to Do More: The Notion of Ethos

Trouble keeping or engaging staff?  It’s a common issue, but there may be a simple solution, according to Dr. Paul Bates, who kicked off the educational portion of the Virtual DAC (Distinguished Advisor Conference) agenda Sunday evening with an inspiring overview of what leaders need to do to create a workplace which leads to complete human flourishing.  

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