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In your opinion, have governments effectively interpreted the financial effect of the pandemic on small businesses across Canada?
No: 1236 votes
Yes: 45 votes

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Coronavirus and Tax Season: Eight Tips for Risk Management

As things change quickly with the coronavirus crisis, over 30 million people are poised to file tax returns in the next seven weeks to meet the filing deadlines of March 31 for trusts, April 30 for individual personal tax and June 15 for proprietorships.  Thousands of professionals will be helping them.  How can you protect yourself, your staff and your clients? 

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Seven Financial Conversations to Initiate During the Pandemic

 Your clients will likely need your guidance on the tax and financial consequences of life and economic events brought on by the coronovirus. Following is a checklist of financial issues for you to discuss with them. 

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Pandemic Downtime? Shed Some Light on Your Knowledge Gaps

New from Knowledge Bureau: it’s time to shed some light on your knowledge gaps! With short courses & client education tools especially designed for busy tax, bookkeeping and financial professionals. The first three modules are now available, and if you enrol today to deepen your knowledge, you’ll receive CE courses for you, presentation for your clients, client-handouts and more. Plus, you can take advantage of an exclusive introductory offer.

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Pandemic and E-Learning: Knowledge Bureau’s Got You Covered

Knowledge Bureau’s got your back to help you continue your professional development during any pandemic downtime. Train or retrain new staff. Existing students: If you need more time, call us and we’ll extend your study time at no extra charge.

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A Professional Approach: Knowledge Bureau Pros Are Pandemic-Ready

Knowledge Bureau wants to hear from you on how you are managing the coronavirus with your staff and clients. Today we hear from The Accounting Place and their response to the Pandemic.

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