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Financial literacy is the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. Do you believe your clients are financially literate?
Yes: 18 votes
No: 66 votes

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Post-Election Leaders Lunch : Join us at the next Vantage Event on October 28, 2019

The Canadian wealth management industry is experiencing unprecedented change, as major shifts in client demographics and expectations present new demands. Wealth managers face significant opportunities to acquire new clients, while current clients need to understand the value they are receiving. How should wealth managers prepare to grow through this period of rapid change?

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Consumers without Credit:  Home Trust Helps Advisors Understand New Needs

Debt-to-disposable income levels in Canada is very high, according to Statistics Canada. The figure recently edged down to 177.1% from 177.5% but it still means that Canadians owe $1.77 for every $1.00 in disposable income. It’s a big topic for discussion at year end planning meetings with clients, covered at the November CE Summits national tour November 2-6, by new sponsor, Home Trust.

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Making PD Affordable: Save On the Cost Achieving Your Credentials

September is back to school month, and Knowledge Bureau is making it a little easier for you to invest in your education. Until September 30th, Knowledge Bureau is waiving instalment fees on all designation and diploma programs purchased on the EZ-Pay instalment plan.

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September 15 Instalment Deadline: Your Tax Remittance Options

It’s quarterly tax instalment remittance time again! But do you really need to make the payment on September 15? You should be concerned if you earn income from self-employment, pensions, rental income, or receive taxable alimony. A DFA-Tax Services Specialist™ can help. Here is what you need to know.

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With Reduced Interest Rates, Are Student Loans More Affordable?

As promised in the 2019 federal budget, interest rates on Canada Student Loans are decreasing. Will this help affordability for students investing in their education? The answer is yes, but not immediately.

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