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The CRA recently signed a secret settlement with wealthy KPMG clients involved in an offshore tax scheme.  Do you agree with this?
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Special Report: Last Minute Tax Tips

This week’s Knowledge Bureau Report is dedicated to those often-missed and often-audited discretionary deductions and credits that both professionals and taxpayers will want to ensure they’re maximizing on to improve the size of tax refunds and/or reduce family tax bills. 

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Lucrative Tax Breaks for Families with Children

An often under-claimed and misunderstood tax deduction is the claim for babysitting or child care expenses. Make the claim on auxiliary tax form T778 and generally you will do so on the return of the spouse with the lowest net income. However, there are cases where the higher earner can make the claim. Here are the rules:

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10 Eligible, Audit-Proof Moving Expenses to Claim

Taxpayers who moved in 2018 can take advantage of expense claims for lucrative tax breaks when filing their tax returns this year. However, there are some tricky rules that apply to eligible and ineligible moving expenses that must be considered in order to remain audit-proof with the CRA.

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Tax Tips: 12 Commonly Missed Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are among the most commonly overlooked tax provisions. Most people have out-of-pocket costs not covered by a medical plan, so It’s important to pay attention to to claim them, as they can be used to reduce taxes payable. Use this checklist of twelve often-missed allowable medical expenses to your benefit, or that of your clients.

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Mark Your Educational Calendar Now

The height of tax season is drawing close. Make a great decision and commit to your off-season education plan now. Train your staff for next year too. Making sure you mark early registration deadlines will save you money. Ask for group discounts when 2 or more enrol  Here are the key deadline dates:

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