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In your opinion, have governments effectively interpreted the financial effect of the pandemic on small businesses across Canada?
No: 1241 votes
Yes: 45 votes

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Bring Peace of Mind with Credentials for Holistic Financial Guidance

During this time of uncertainty, more Canadians need to  feel financial peace of mind, and the guidance a qualified Real Wealth Manager™ can provide with a critically important strategy, process and success-oriented skillset. That’s why if you’re looking for continuing professional education, now is a great time earn the RWM™ credentials online. Until March 31 save an additional $50, too.

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E-Learning, Elephants, and a Renewed Focus

COVID-19 Response at Knowledge Bureau. We are committed to personal and community safety, so our educational and instructional team is at your side from their home-based offices. It is a good time to stay in touch, by email or phone. We would love to hear from you , even just to know you are okay... so please stay in touch.

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Economic Response Plan for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Finance Minister Morneau announced a significant relief package of $27 billion today to help Canadians who will have immediate financial consequences from the global pandemic. In these surreal and unprecedented times, these measures will help pay rent, keep groceries on the table and assist with caregiving needs as the economy adjusts to a new normal. There is relief for both workers and businesses, including those people who do not have a safety net under the Employment Insurance Program. This special report provides all of the details.

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Financial Measures to Assist Canadian Families

For individuals and families, the tax filing and tax payment extensions are good news. However, Canadians who are owed refunds will still want to file their returns as soon as possible before the pandemic peaks. Those who owe should consider filing soon as well in order to know exactly how much is due and get their financial affairs in order. Canadians will also want to make decisions about paying down high interest, non-deductible consumer debt as quickly as possible to take advantage of lower interest rates on operating lines and/or business and housing loans. There are, in fact, some opportunities to shore up financial health in these measures that follow:

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Financial Measures to Help Canadian Businesses

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19, many Canadian businesses are now in a position where they have to change the way that they operate, which directly impacts their revenue streams, and in turn, their employees. The government has introduced a number of measures to assist Canadian businesses, particularly SMEs.

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