Tax Specialists Know T1, T2, T3 Filing: Flexible Study Times Now Available

We know you are about to get really busy, but that’s no reason to stop honing your skills as a multi-dimensional tax specialist. This week, take advantage of a sweet Valentine’s offer to pursue your Certified Tax Practitioner Diploma . . .plus you can start whenever you want. That’s right, your study plan is completely customizable!

Enrol by February 15 to take these 3 important courses for only $495 each. You will benefit from confident knowledge in filing T1, T2 and T3 returns, and so will your clients. They will appreciate your more holistic approach to their complicated lives.  

Plus, you can still pick up this year’s T1 Advanced Tax Update Knowledge Journal – now an online course with thought-provoking questions and answers to help you learn.  This month, only $395 plus tax.

With so many tax changes being implemented this year, particularly with the introduction of the new 8-age T1, it’s integral that you start getting yourself and your team up-to-speed in time for tax season. What better time when you can save 38% on tuition and learn everything you need to know about T1, T2, T3 filing by completing your Certified Tax Practitioner Diploma?


Use code: 20VDAY

Offer valid until February 15.

Your recommended curriculum includes the following courses:

  • Income Tax Filing Fundamentals - This introductory course provides you with a solid foundation and understanding of personal taxation in Canada for low and middle-income taxpayers, including single employees, students, young families, retirees and investors. The successful graduate will gain the skills necessary to professionally prepare basic tax returns with a high degree of confidence.
  • Personal Tax Filing and Planning - Tax preparation is always timely, as it is the taxpayer's legal right and duty to file a tax return for the entire family to the best benefit of the unit as a whole. From a tax and financial planner's point of view, it’s critical to know the mechanics of tax preparation as a prerequisite to tax efficient financial planning. By knowing how to plan and file taxes accurately, you could help your clients realize double-digit returns in their real wealth management plans.
  • Advanced Tax Filing and Planning - Fully updated to the latest budget, this comprehensive course covers the details behind the deductions, tax credits, and tax calculations on the personal tax return, with an emphasis on capital gains and losses, and registered and non-registered investment income sources. The course outlines common and advanced client profiles while sending students to the dynamic commentary in the Knowledge Bureau’s EverGreen Explanatory Notes.

Need a quick update, and don’t have time to study online before tax season begins? The T1 Advanced Tax Update Knowledge Journal is available to purchase for only $395.