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About our weekly course news releases:

We are proud to share new courses offerings as we continuously develop cutting edge and immediately implementable courses for our busy students. That’s what makes a Knowledge Bureau education so relevant and unique. Need something specific that you don’t see here? Please let us know about it.

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RSVP for Meeting of the Minds RWM Aha Moments: August 11

Don’t miss the Society of Real Wealth Managers next Meeting of the Minds on August 11 at 10:30 am Central Time.  It's a free event to Introduce you to RWMs from coast-to-coast for three reasons: to connect. contribute. collaborate...and share RWM "aha moments"! Here's what you need to know:

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DAC 2021: Nominations Open for the Prestigious New Advisor Award

Submit the name of your worthy nomination for the DAC New Advisor Award now. The application deadline September 1, 2021. The prestigious award recognizes the next generation and their contributions to excellence in the tax, accounting and/or financial services. Here’s what the winner of this prestigious award will receive and how to apply:

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KB Designates: Relicensing Deadline Passed…Act Now!

Knowledge Bureau Designates: your professionalism matters to your clients. Your achievements are also an inspiration to the thousands of undergrads inn Knowledge Bureau program from coast to coast.  But, the grace period for relicensing ends August 31!  Make sure to maximize your investment in your credentials. Send along your Attestation to Standards of Conduct now. Check out the handy Q&A Relicensing Guide below or call us for help: 1-866-953-4769.  Here’s what you need to know:

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