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It’s a Leap Year! Some Fun Facts, and a Special Offer…

Did you know about 5 million people in the world have birthdays every four years on a Leap Year?  Rumor has it they also have very special powers! With February 29, 2020 just around the corner, we are pleased to share some fun facts about Leap Year with you, along with some special powers  to take advantage of our Leap Year Tuition Special, which ends (you guessed it) on February 29!

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Take in One of the World’s Eight Wonders: RSVP for DAC Acuity by February 29!

RSVP now to attend Canada’s premiere and longest running strategic conference for professionals in the tax, bookkeeping and financial services and lock in low tuition rates available to you - our very best clients - before the end of this month. But hurry, those rates will rise on March 1, and as always, you are welcome to custom-design your payment plan. 

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Tax Season 2020:  Refunds Not Likely Before March

Filing a tax return is the first (and often most important) financial transaction of the year for most Canadian families. While Canadians love their tax refunds, they won’t start flowing this year until March, as CRA won’t accept your E-filed returns until Monday, February 24 and refunds likely won’t flow until at least March this year. Reality check: tax refunds are a poor financial planning strategy.

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Now Available: Master Your Retirement, 10th Anniversary Edition

Best-selling author Doug Nelson, CFP, CLU, MFA™, RWM™, CIM, is a 27-year veteran of the financial services industry in Canada with a singular vision for his readers:  Don’t just “do” retirement…instead “Master Your Retirement”!  And he has some upbeat advice for those still worried about the one big question all retirees have. 

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