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About our weekly course news releases:

We are proud to share new courses offerings as we continuously develop cutting edge and immediately implementable courses for our busy students. That’s what makes a Knowledge Bureau education so relevant and unique. Need something specific that you don’t see here? Please let us know about it.

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RWM Meeting of the Minds: August 17, 2022

There are six key reasons, you will want to mark your calendar to attend the next Meeting of the Minds Event, presented by the Society of Real Wealth Managers™ on August 17, 11:00 – 12:00 PM CST. It’s a complimentary event, and it could be one of the most informative hours of your summer. 

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DAC Acuity 2022: Nominations Open for the Prestigious New Advisor Award

Submit the name of your worthy nomination for the DAC New Advisor Award now.  The application deadline September 1, 2022.  The prestigious award recognizes the next generation and their contributions to excellence in the tax, accounting and/or financial services.   Here’s what the winner of this prestigious award will receive and how to apply:

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Knowledge Bureau Network: A New Opportunity in Accounting

KNOWLEDGE BUREAU NETWORK (KBN), presents a new way to share knowledge about new career and business opportunities.  This week, an excellent opportunity to work with an outstanding professional firm.   Larry H Frostiak, FCPA, FCA, CFP, TEP, RWM, Managing Partner, Frostiak & Leslie Chartered Professional Accountants Inc. explains:

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From RESP to RRSP – An Important Tax Strategy

Congratulations!  It’s with great pride that families recently celebrated their university graduates; accolades so well deserved!  There are a few things to consider about tax rules as the glasses are raised and grad caps fly.  New tax rules, for example, provide a new RRSP opportunity few know about.

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DAC Acuity 2022: How Can You Get More Distance from Your Pension Plan?

When your clients unlock their pension plans in the current environment, they will want to know how to build momentum and the straightest line to growth as they invest for their future.  Knowing more about the tax and pension law can preserve wealth; in fact, using a multi-generational approach can make millions of dollars of difference in some cases. Learn more from JP Laporte, CEO, Integris Pension Management Corp, at DAC Acuity 2022 in Niagara Falls, October 16-18.

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