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Baby Boomers Own 42% of Small Businesses in Canada – What Happens When They Retire?

In Canada, as in many advanced economies, the age group that grew the fastest in recent years was those aged 65 and over. That’s not pandemic-related, it’s simply the aging of the baby boomers. Those over 65 tend to have the lowest labour force participation rate, and that has been pulling down the growth of Canada’s labour force in recent years, according to recent remarks by Tiff Macklem, Governor of the Bank of Canada. In addition, many small businesses in Canada are owned by Baby Boomers.  There’s a potential problem if Baby Boomers own a business and plan to use the money they’ve invested to pay for their retirement years.

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“From bad to worse? Next year’s economic risks are already here”

Nothing like a positive headline to grab your attention.  The Financial Post article goes on to say: It’s been a miserable year for the global economy. And things could get worse with a mild recession potentially on the horizon. In an extreme downside scenario, this could wipe out US$5 trillion in global output, according to Bloomberg Economics. So, what to do?

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What Matters is What You Keep - Year End Tax Planning for Investors and Owner-Managers

There is no doubt your clients are interested in knowing how to inflation proof and recession-proof their wealth and navigate successfully through emerging risks from the CRA. To accomplish the former, advisors must have broader knowledge on upcoming tax changes and how astute investment planning in a very new economic environment can help clients maximize after-tax income and reduce capital erosion.

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Canada Training Credit: Learn Risk Free and with Tax Assistance

Investing time and money into new Specialized Credentials or continuing professional develop is an important undertaking and you want to make the most of both.  That’s why you’ll want to learn more about the tuition fee amount and the Canada Training Credit (CTC) as potential tax assistance when you take a Knowledge Bureau course. 

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