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PBO Projects Higher Taxes, Debt Costs

The Parliamentary Budget Officer released its projections and summary of Canada’s fiscal outlook on March 7, noting  “while total budgetary authorities are increasing in this year's Main Estimates, the pace of growth in the 2024-25 Main Estimates has slowed compared to the pandemic years” and that  “. . .  for the first time since the pandemic, voted budgetary authorities have decreased compared to previous years’ Main Estimate.”  The fly in the ointment is that those authorities still remain “roughly 50 per cent higher than in the pre-pandemic 2019-20 Main Estimates” and do not include new spending to be announced in the April 16 budget.  The PBO fiscal outlook follows:

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DMA ™ Program Orientation: Introducing the Retirement Income Services Specialist Program

There’s a new way to experience a Knowledge Bureau Education – completely risk-free! We just launched a new DMA™ Program Orientation experience to give you a feel for our Distinguished Master Advisor (DMA™) Designation Programs in each area of specialization and help you take the next step on your new pathway to specialized credentials. Take ten minutes and check out the Introduction to the DMA™- Retirement Income Services Specialist Program Orientation. Your experience includes an Orientation video, free course and calculator trials, and a special offer valid for 2 weeks from the launch date. Check out the details here:

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Poll Results: RRSP vs TFSA for Middle-Aged Clients?

In February we asked KBR readers to weigh in on the following poll question: “The RRSP deadline for the 2023 tax year is February 29. From a wealth planning perspective, do you think middle aged Canadians should invest in a TFSA instead?”. The opinions were mixed with 64% answering “yes” in favour of the TFSA over the RRSP. As always, the important details are in the insightful comments left by our readers from the tax, accounting and financial services, and many pointed out it depends on “Know Your Client”.  Check them out:

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The “Three Certainties” of Trusts

How does a person know whether a trust exists or not? The answer to that question can at times be more complicated than you’d imagine.  There are occasions where a written document, such as a Will, very clearly purports to establish a “trust” but fails to do so. There are other occasions where there is no written document present at all, but nonetheless a trust relationship is deemed at law to have arisen.  In some provincial jurisdictions, a trust to hold land cannot be validly created unless there is a written document in place.

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