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Mark Your Calendar: RSVP by June 15 for DAC, Fall CE Summits

The early bird registration deadline for the 2019 Distinguished Advisor Conference in Puerto Vallarta is coming up on June 15. Be sure to check out the outstanding guest speaker list who will address the theme: Powerful Competition: The Secret to Economic Resilience.

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Newly Updated Course: Provide Expert Help When a Taxpayer Dies

Statistics Canada estimates the deaths in 2017/2018 numbered 142,331, and every single one requires that a final return be prepared and filed. Estate and final returns can be accompanied by a costly tax bill, especially if the client has a significant estate, assets, or savings. That’s where a highly qualified tax specialist comes to the rescue of executors who are responsible for filing the final return of the deceased.

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Financial Planning: Debt, Assets and Tax Change in Retirement

Seniors may be grappling with significant financial literacy challenges in retirement. According to a Statistics Canada study released on April 3, 2019, a greater number of seniors are in more debt than past generations, and one of the big reasons is mortgage debt. Together with higher taxes, “new” retirement income planning requires a close look at the net worth statement, followed closely with tax projections to maximize both income and savings.

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