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The CRA recently signed a secret settlement with wealthy KPMG clients involved in an offshore tax scheme.  Do you agree with this?
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Thought Leadership: The Tax Implications of Incorporation

To incorporate, or not to incorporate? It’s a timely question, considering recent corporate tax reforms. However, it’s also a question that existing business owners and aspiring business builders should think about post tax season as they discuss business growth planning with their tax specialists. It’s an important strategy that can save thousands of dollars that helps build family wealth over the long run.

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RRSP: Help Yourself to More Rising Canada Child Benefits (CCB)

The federal government announced last week that the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) will be increasing for the second consecutive year as of this July. Unfortunately,  many families are subject to a clawback of the generous benefit when their family net income rises. Worse, many Canadians don’t realize how critical an RRSP contribution can be in generating more of this lucrative tax-free benefit. Tax and financial advisors can add high value by helping to connecting those dots.

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Audit Alert:  Avoid Traps in Claiming Interest as a Carrying Charge

If you pay interest on money borrowed to earn investment income, you can claim a deduction for the interest paid as a carrying charge. That’s quite lucrative as the deduction offsets all other income of the year and can help to reduce net income, the figure upon which certain government benefits, like the Canada Child Benefit, are based.  But, the claim is not as straight-forward as you might think.

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EI Benefits for the Self-Employed: Who Should Opt-In?

June 17 is an important date for the self-employed. Not only is it the tax filing deadline (as June 15 falls on a weekend), it’s also an opportunity to decide whether or not to start contributing to the Employment Insurance (EI) program. There are trade-offs that small business owners need to take into consideration, and advisors play an important role in this decision-making process.

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Roadblocks Removed: Financial Planning for Seniors & Disabled Canadians

Financial planning for critical long-term care and disability has been a complex process for advisors in Canada. But a recent Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision regarding whether the absolute discretionary trust (Henson trust), which is designed to protect a disabled person’s assets, brings national clarity to the issue of whether or not this estate-planning tool can impact a disabled person’s eligibility for other benefits and credits.

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