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February Poll

At a time when 48% of Canadians say they are $200 away from insolvency, do you think reducing tax refunds (last year’s average was $1740 or $145/month) would help?
Yes: 59 votes
No: 175 votes

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Financial Independence – What Does it Really Mean?

The Sussexes and their quest for financial independence has been all over the global news.  Their dilemma is not that uncommon to many couples their age.  What does it take to embrace financial independence and why is that so critical in an individual’s true evolution into adulthood?  It’s a question many financial advisors may find themselves discussing with affluent families across Canada.

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Financial Basics: Understanding the Time Value of Money

Canadians have trouble understanding a whole gambit of financial concepts like inflation, interest rates, credit reports, stocks, risk, debt and loans, according to the 2014 Canadian Financial Capability Survey*. In the most recent edition of survey, released November 26, 2019, there are emerging signs of financial stress for some Canadians, especially those who don’t have a budget or financial plan. This week, KBR starts a new series on financial basics to help.

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Catching Up: CRA’s Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) May Provide Relief

Tax season 2020 will officially begin on February 24, when the CRA opens the gates for electronic filing. Unfortunately, some taxpayers will find themselves with an unwanted tax bill this tax season, whether through an unintentional miscalculation on their original return or because they are misrepresenting themselves on their claims. In either case, there can be expensive consequences. The Voluntary Disclosure Program can help. 

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Earn New Credentials: Choose Two Online Courses for Only $995

Did you resolve to make your professional development a priority in 2020? January’s not over yet and it’s not too late to start this year out on the right foot! We can help you meet your goals or train staff in your busy office, with a special offer that’s available only until January 31. Chart your pathway to valuable new credentials by taking any two online courses from Knowledge Bureau for only $995. It’s a savings of $395. Learn more:

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2020 Partnership Opportunities: Move Your Brand Boldly Forward

Looking to get in front of a highly engaged audience of professionals from the tax, bookkeeping and financial services? Speak to us about collaborative partnership opportunities to help you move your brand boldly forward into the 2020s.  Knowledge Bureau is Canada’s leading choice for a multi-stakeholder approach to financial education, and we hope you’ll join us for these outstanding events:

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