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Do you believe the top federal tax rate should rise above 33% on income over $216,511 to help pay down the debt? Please explain.
Yes: 114 votes
No: 140 votes

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New CERB Reimbursement Form Introduced

In an unfortunate series of miscommunications, self-employed people were given inaccurate information about eligibility requirements for claiming CERB in 2020.  Under heavy warnings to repay the benefits they may have received, many reached into their pre-Christmas cash flow to do just that.  Now with new Form T183E, the money can be recovered again.  Application processing began June 15 and applicants can expect reimbursement within 90 days. 

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CERB Refunds: Am I Owed Interest?

To address the self-employment gross vs. net issue, the Government of Canada registered the Canada Emergency Response Benefit and Employment Insurance Emergency Response Benefit Remission Order (“Remission Order”) on May 12, 2021. The Remission Order redresses the self-employed workers who did not qualify for CERB because of the gross vs. net issue by providing that a self-employed Canadian earning less than $5,000 in net income who received CERB, who otherwise would have qualified for CERB, need not return the CERB monies.

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Why is Real Wealth Management Important to Trusted Advisors?

Why is Real Wealth Management™ so important to trusted advisors? Find out at 10:30 CST today in a free Meeting of the Minds and check out these comments from leading advisors in Canada on their Aha Moments. Plus, as bonus you will save $100 when you enrol in the program.

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Special Opportunity for New & Returning KB Students

Earn new credentials as a trusted advisor in the tax, financial and bookkeeping services. Until August 31, take any 2 Certificate courses for just $995!

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KB Grads: Come to the Grad Ceremony at Virtual DAC 2021

Calling all Knowledge Bureau Graduates: you are invited to the grad ceremony at Virtual DAC 2021!

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