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October Poll

In your view, should the government roll back the controversial TOSI (Tax on Split Income) to pre-2018 legislation?
Yes: 211 votes
No: 38 votes

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CRA Phone Scam: Advisors Can Help Protect Vulnerable Canadians

It can be financially devastating and it’s seniors and the most vulnerable - those who don’t understand the taxpayer relationship with the CRA – that are the most frequent victims of a CRA phone scam that is extracting thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people. It’s important for professionals to share guidelines with clients to help all family members recognize whether or not they’re legitimately being contacted by the CRA.

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August Poll Results: Pros Want a Review of Canada’s Tax System

With global trade uncertainties and other factors, including debt, new taxes and demographic change all putting pressure on Canadians’ ability keep their heads above financial waters, tax and financial advisors who participated in our August poll are sending a strong message in this pre-election time: Canadians are finding things unaffordable.

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New Gift Planning Designation for Advisors Now Available

The Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP), Knowledge Bureau and Spire Philanthropy are pleased to announce that all three online courses in the MFA-P™ - Philanthropy designation program are now available. The program has been developed over the past year by some of the most experienced leaders in charitable giving. Graduates with these specialized credentials in strategic philanthropy, will be well equipped to pursue new opportunities to build trust by better understanding their clients’ values and critical personal causes.

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Year-End Tax Filing Deadlines: Help Your Clients Minimize Tax

There are some important reasons to talk to your clients over the next 10 days, from a tax point of view. Advisors who want to enhance their value propositions will want to discuss the 16 tax compliance and planning milestones that may impact their finances now until the end of the year.

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Mark Your Calendar: Early Registration Deadlines for your CE/CPD

September marks the start of a new school year. Please be sure you mark your educational calendar for continuing professional development and staff training needs this fall. For your clients, consider the tax filing milestones described above.

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