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This Week’s Edition of KBR:

September 2023 Poll

CRA departmental report shows about 93% of Canadians willingly participate in their tax system. In your opinion do Canadians have trust in their tax department?
Yes: 24 votes
No: 109 votes

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Why Do Canadians Owe $51 Billion?

At $7,218, the average balance due to CRA at the end of June was unprecedented. Does this surprise you?  It’s the poll question we asked our Knowledge Bureau Report readers last month and, no surprise, 75% of our respondents said yes it did.  Since then, the number has risen even higher to $7,322 as of July 24.  The amount of money owed on 7,006,135 tax returns filed by Canadians is over $51 billion – exactly  $51,301,022,379. What’s changed?  It can depend on many factors. 

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Updated Mandatory Disclosure Rules Issued

CRA and Finance Canada would like to be more effective in thwarting aggressive tax planning schemes.  Despite previous mandatory disclosure rules, the “timely, comprehensive and relevant” information CRA wants hasn’t been forthcoming.  Guidance to new mandatory disclosure rules, which received Royal Assent June 22, 2023, were published July 25 and the penalties for failure to file the required 9-page RC312 are huge, for both taxpayers and their advisors. Of particular concern are new “notifiable transaction” rules. Tax and financial advisors may have difficulty understanding their respective responsibilities. Here’s an overview with the key points:  

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Understanding Terminal Losses

At a time when money is in motion, the buying and selling of assets can result in complex tax treatment.  It’s important for tax advisors to work together with clients who are in these processes and bring in the right stakeholder group of legal and financial advisors to close on these transactions.  The tax consequences should always form part of informed negotiations.  In this excerpt from Evergreen Explanatory Notes, we present a primer on terminal losses.

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Proposed AMT: Wealth sustainability at risk for both HNW Donors & the Community

Most donors with higher net worth portfolios know that donating appreciated publicly traded securities, and other financial instruments such as mutual funds, segregated funds, and exchange traded funds, is a great way to amplify giving potential with tax savings.  It’s a triple win: a leveraged opportunity to  support community causes and a great tax and estate planning opportunity for the taxpayer and their survivors.  But there are tax clouds on the horizon.  Wealth managers, and in particular RWM™ (Real Wealth Manager) and MFA-P™ Designates are well positioned to help assemble a multi-stakeholder solution, but need to take action now.

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Break Free to Transformative Change

Fifteen outstanding organizations have come together to support the 20th Annual Distinguished Advisor Conference November 12-14 at the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel. You don’t want to miss hearing from the thought leaders representing these fine organizations with mission critical topics to the theme:  Imagine – Break Free to Transformative Change.  

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