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December 2022 Poll

Do you believe the new anti-flipping tax will reduce personal net worth in Canada in 2023?
Yes: 6 votes
No: 16 votes

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DAC 2022 Distinguished New Advisor of The Future Award Winner: Doug Buss

The 2022 Distinguished New Advisor of the Future Award Winner is a 35-year veteran of the financial services industry who has re-engineered his practice to epitomize what it takes to pivot and become the advisor of the future.  Doug Buss, of Winnipeg, has 6 staff members at YourStyle Financial and plans to double his assets under management over the next 5 years. 

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High Prescribed Interest Rates: Plan Now

CRA has announced the fourth quarter prescribed interest rates and as expected, they rose again.  It is now very expensive to owe money to the CRA, and any taxpayer who does, is well advised to pay off that debt as soon as possible. The prescribed interest rates for October 1 to December 31 are as follows:

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Options?  The Challenge of Rising Prices, and Cost-Push Inflation

Inflation continues to be top of mind for most of us as we see prices increase at the grocery store, gas station, and pretty much everywhere else.  Advisors and clients can build out defensive strategies with a better understanding of inflation in today’s context; the subject of this, the first of a three-part series.

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Payroll Deductions:  A Tax on Labor

By definition, payroll remittances are mandatory statutory deductions withheld from an employee’s pay by an employer for the purposes of funding government programs.  But are they a tax? The answer is yes, and this is why:

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NEW!  CE SAVVY PD™ - A Review by Tony Mahibir, CEO of CANFIN Financial

“I love the Knowledge Bureau CE Savvy Modules! It will now be our firm’s first place to enrich our knowledge and skills while earning our required CE credits to maintain our registrations. Personally, it is easy to login, find the topics of interest, easy to navigate through the courses, and the special effects (pictures, diagrams, animations) make you stay on-line and complete what could otherwise be boring topics …. because Knowledge Bureau makes it fresh and exciting! Thank you for this invaluable tool!”

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