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What’s New at Knowledge Bureau?

E-Learning, Elephants, and a Renewed Focus: all with tuition cost reductions until March 31.

“As we all transition to a new normal, please know that Knowledge Bureau’s
e-learning campus is open and operating as usual from its fully virtual pandemic requires we take good care in isolation. In these unprecedented times, a renewed focus on your professional education, conveniently online, can also be a stress reliever. We are poised to help.”

- Evelyn Jacks, Founder and President, Knowledge Bureau

About our weekly course news releases:

We are proud to share new courses offerings as we continuously develop cutting edge and immediately implementable courses for our busy students. That’s what makes a Knowledge Bureau education so relevant and unique. Need something specific that you don’t see here? Please let us know about it.

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Is Canada Doing Enough to Help Small Businesses?

Have governments effectively interpreted the financial effect of the pandemic on small businesses across Canada?  It’s a question we asked you last month and we got well over 1000 responses. The answer was a resounding no from 96% of you.  Here is what you told us...

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Lend a Hand: Take the Emergency Pandemic Benefits Response Course

If you are looking for that next professional development course that will help you provide high-value advice to your financially stressed clients, take the Pandemic Benefits Response Course online to sort through the chaotic myriad of benefits and all their pitfalls. Every professional in the tax, bookkeeping or financial services must know how to do that. Enrol by May 31 save $100.

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Start a New Conversation About Retirement with Your Clients

Now is the right time to start a new conversation about retirement with your clients and give a high-value gift to move it forward. Get your copies of Master Your Retirement, Doug Nelson’s best-selling book – with a special offer.

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