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We are proud to share new courses offerings as we continuously develop cutting edge and immediately implementable courses for our busy students. That’s what makes a Knowledge Bureau education so relevant and unique. Need something specific that you don’t see here? Please let us know about it.

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DAC Delegates:  High Inflation, High Anxiety Brings Opportunity

Last week Distinguished Delegates at DAC 2022 were asked to get out of their comfort zones and make new, big goals to embrace what will be a difficult 2023. One thing that stood out to us: Many delegates see this time of high inflation and high anxiety as an opportunity.  It’s a perfect time to add value in all areas: accounting, tax, bookkeeping and financial services. Here’s a recap of the wisdoms:

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Corporate Owner-Managers Need Support Around Tax Planning

We are going to feature an ongoing series highlighting certain courses that professionals will find valuable.  For the next couple of weeks we are going to spotlight professional certificate courses that are directly related to Year-End Tax Planning.  This week’s course is Tax Planning for Corporate Owner-Managers. 

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Got an Hour? Grab Lunch and Prepare to Solve One Client Problem at a Time!

Have you ever wished that you could spend your lunch hour learning about a specific planning concept right when you need to know it? 

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