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DAC 2022: The Speed of Tax Change

Join Kim G.C. Moody, FCPA, FCA, TEP will be taking the live stage at DAC Acuity 2022 to discuss The Speed of Tax Change and what it means for financial professionals and their clients.  In his entertaining style, Kim will discuss the  very complex and pervasive changes that continue be proposed at mach speed.  How do you keep up-to-date to ensure your practice responds appropriately for the benefit of clients?  This session will give straight-forward suggestions to help you navigate this important topic.

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Leaving the Workforce? Tax Changes & Effective Planning Strategies

After decades saving for retirement, transitioning to spending down savings can be a huge shift in mentality for retirees.  Additionally, one of the biggest surprises that new retirees often face is how their taxes change upon leaving the workforce. For the average worker who has spent his or her adult life paying ordinary income tax via payroll withholdings, the shift to flat withholding rates combined with differing rules depending on the source of their income can leave many clients with an unexpected tax bill after they retire.

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