Personal Tax Services Specialist Designation

Work in the tax, accounting and bookkeeping industries as a professional with specialized credentials

DMA™-Personal Tax Services Specialist Designation Program

Provide an essential financial services in your community filing personal tax returns as a designated professional. Offer high-value advice on the best after-tax outcomes for multiple generations.

    Expand on the role of a traditional tax preparer with tax filing and planning services to help families reduce the taxes they pay.

    There are six personal income tax courses in this program:

    • Introduction to Personal Income Tax
    • Professional Income Tax Filing - Advanced Level
    • Filing Proprietorship Returns
    • Filing Final Returns at Death
    • Filing T3 Trust Returns
    • Use of Trusts in Tax and Estate Planning

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    Student Testimonial

    “I am working on my second degree with Knowledge Bureau… they have without a doubt, the most practical and effective approach to helping advisors serve their clients.”
    - Chris Valentine, Ontario

    Tuition fees paid to Knowledge Bureau qualify for the tuition fee credit, and for some students the Canada Training Credit which provides a refundable credit of up to 50% of tuition. View Funding options for more information.

    Introduction to Personal Income Tax

    This course introduces the five anchor profiles upon which every personal tax return is based-credit filing, employees, families and children, investors, and seniors.

    Professional Income Tax Filing - Advanced Level

    This course overviews common and advanced client profiles. Included is the dynamic and comprehensive tax research library: EverGreen Explanatory Notes.

    Filing Proprietorship Returns

    This course for professionals focused on the self-employed business owner that is not incorporated.

    Filing T3 Trust Returns

    This course introduces the types of trusts that may be created in Canada and how each of them is taxed.

    Filing Final Returns at Death

    This course deals comprehensively with the taxation of individual’s final tax returns and the new relationship executors have in responsibilities with the CRA.

    Use of Trusts in Tax and Estate Planning

    The Introduction to Trusts course offered by Knowledge Bureau covers everything from basic trust mechanics to essential details on trusts for disabled beneficiaries.

    “The content in each course at the Knowledge Bureau was superior to most courses I have taken at other institutions. Navigating the courses was easy and the online instruction, readings and exercises were geared towards real life, which made things easier to understand.”

    Melanie Adams, ON

    Your Tuition Includes
    These All-Inclusive Resources

    • Personal course selection consultation
    • Virtual campus orientation
    • Lesson and study plans
    • Personal instructor email support
    • Comprehensive Knowledge Journal
    • EverGreen Online Research Library
    • Knowledge Bureau calculators
    • Testing and certification
    • CE/CPD accreditation
    • Examination, certification and designation

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