Business Builder Retreat 2019

Business Builder Retreat 2019

June 19-20
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Registration Closed

November 9-10
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico



Ask us about registration options and instalment plans.  Bring your spouse, too.


Share stories and experiences, together with great personal and professional development!

Designed especially for entrepreneurial leaders, this very unique experience focuses on the special skills required to meet responsible challenges of business life in an era of great disruption, while at the same time striving for balance and good health as an individual. It is an educational event suitable for business leaders, owner-managers and executives in any industry.


RETREAT Day 1 | Join us for an evening of personal discovery over a healthy meal in an inspirational setting as we begin a 7-step journey.

STEP 1 | Share Your Story

RETREAT DAY 2 | Experience six more steps in building a scalable business with a view to keeping a healthy life balance, hosted by your discussion catalyst and inspiring instructors.

STEP 2 | Renew Your Passion

STEP 3 | Enhance Your Leadership Potential

STEP 4 | Rethink Your Strategic Plan

STEP 5 | Create Your Safe Havens

STEP 6 | Manage Your Friend and Foe: Technology!

STEP 7 | People Power

Attendee Experience

"What I liked best was the vibrancy of the presentation. Learning the difference between a leader and a manager are standards I intend to apply to scaling up my business. The top three takeaways I got from this session included: being accountable, how to let go to let others grow, and the difference between growth and scaling. I’m going to place increased focus on effective communication, engaging with staff for feedback, and giving recognition and showing appreciation to employees that determine the success of a business."

- Bruce Elliott, Ontario